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    Biggs Darklighter Tosche Station

    Alright, I've reached the end of this series that I'm going to review. I have got Chewie, but I'm leaving him in the package.

    But, I wanted to save Biggs for last for a couple reasons. One, we've never seen him before. Two, I wanted to dig out my Star Wars Storybook and look at the deleted scene he comes from. As an added bonus, I scanned the pictures and text for y'all.

    So check out all the usual pics, thoughts, and scans here:


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    I bought one of these and the cape actualy stained the plastic on the figure. I don't think they made the cape colorfast, because the colors seem to bleed.

    Other than that, he's completely unremarkable in every way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    Other than that, he's completely unremarkable in every way.

    "Unremarkable". That was the word I was looking for...

    I've heard other stories of cape stains as well.

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    The cape on mine stained Bigg's jacket too. Anyone have ideas on how to clean it off?

    I agree with what you said in the review about Hasbro not including the macrobinoculars. The Luke/Vaporator fig should've come with both the floppy hat and the binocs so these two could be posed together.
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    Well, I like this figure. What I did was take the cape off because I didnt like the way it looked. I am not sure if it stained my figure, havent looked. I actually used the cape to customize a figure here.

    It was nice to get a deleterd scene figure finally. I just hope they make more of them.
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