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    If there were no Star Wars....

    The question is, if Star Wars never existed, what would "we" be into? Aliens? Battlestar Galactica? Harry Potter? Predator? Buck Rogers?

    This is a silly nonsensical illogical question, because if Star Wars wasn't made, then neither would most of the Sci-Fi that followed. But just for fun, assume that everything would have happened anyway even if Star Wars never was. What movie and/or movie series would have grabbed the likes of us? Any of them? None of them? Was Star Wars that unique?

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    Actually I think thats a pretty good question there Stilla. As for me the only other Sci fi thing that I'm really into is Star Trek TNG so I doubt that would have changed. I doubt if there is another series of movies that would have captured my interest like SW did.

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    Excellent question, I know for sure I wouldnt be responding to this question.

    Star Wars to me has always been great movies. I think it was the toys for me that got me really. Growing up playing with the action figures(then vintage) allowed me to explore and create new things with imagination. With out the movies, I probably would have been stuck with GI Joe action figures.

    I probably would have had GI Joe as a kid, but gave it up back when I hit around 14 or 15. I dont think i would have kept on collecting the lines even into todays times.

    There were no movies back then that created a franchise like SW did. It sparked the whole action figure line. With out the line of Kenner toys, I dont know that any other line would have taken off and given us what we have today.

    Even back in 95 when I saw the first POTF2 figures, I was skeptical about collecting. I thought it would be a limited run and stop after a few figures. But look where we are now.

    Star Wars has definitely changed the lives of all of us here one way or another. It has brought us all together from all around the world and given us what we love to talk about here.
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    If there were no Star Wars.........i'd have ALOT more $$$ in my bank account and a lot more space to spare on my third floor. heehehe But still, i've had lots of good times and met lots of awesome people through our love for Star Wars. I wouldn't take it back for anything!
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    I often ponder that question while gazing at the walls of my collection. My son thinks I would have enough money to buy a house, at least put a down payment on one. Star Wars came out when I was just 12, still trying to find myself. I wonder what I would be into, would I have an obsession with any one movie, or T.V. show, would I be with the person I am now with, would I be married and more succesful, would I have taken up an interest in sculpting had I not seen the Tauntauns running across the snowy planet of Hoth. Would I have more, or less friends than I do now? Hard to believe that one movie back in 1977, would still be fueling my joy 30 years later.
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    I'd simply fill the excess toy & brain space with the same things I like now - Marvel Comics and Sports. I think I'd like many of the same movies as I've never been much of a sci-fi fan outside of SW anyhow.

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    I'd simply fill the excess toy & brain space with the same things I like now - Marvel Comics and Sports. I think I'd like many of the same movies as I've never been much of a sci-fi fan outside of SW anyhow.
    Same here, but not with the same things. I also like Harry Potter a lot, but not as much as SW, so I'd just "do" that more.
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    My initial Star Wars obsession as a kid had kind of fizzled out after the movies were done. I didn't even continue to get figures after only five ESB figures as I didn't really play with them anymore, or figured it was time to move on from playing with them. I still liked Star Wars and continued to enjoy the movies whenever I had a chance to seem them. Star Trek returned to TV, so much of the 90's I was a bit more obsessed with that. I also continued to grow my CD collection.

    My Star Wars interest returned with the Zahn books. When more books came and I realized that that the Heir to the Empire trilogy wasn't episodes VII, VIII and IX, I lost a bit of interest. When a friend told me that they the books had pretty good continuity, I started to get back into it, though I am still way behind on the books and comics. I didn't start collecting the figures in 95 and 96 as I couldn't afford to and figured I shouldn't waste the money anyway. Not until Episode I, did I start collecting again.

    So, I guess I haven't really answered the question. If there were no Star Wars, things wouldn't have been too different as a kid. That was only about three or four years of playing with the toys. I would have had more time to play with other toys or delve more into football stats.

    In my 20's when I wasn't collecting, I still spent plenty of money on music and books. If I wasn't spending money on Star Wars figures now, I'd be able to save more money and still be able to buy other things. Maybe I'd spend less time on the computer posting here, but maybe I would instead spend it elsewhere on the web.

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    Dr. Who, drier sci-fi like 2001, silent running, stuff like Capricorn One. Planet of the apes. space 1999.

    even without star wars I'd have got something to sink my teeth into. even if it was old B movies. or old comics.

    maybe technology wouldn't have become so advanced and movies and TV would have stayed in the wobbly sets and shakey models stage a lot longer but I'm sure it would have been entertaining anyway.

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