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    (it's better to leave some things unsaid)
    (your ever faithful, and usually non -intrusive moderator - gsj)
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    and to think this has nothing to do with MM fashion.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    Thumbs up swaffy, that is soo cool that you got to see louie prima perform!

    my dad was always a huge big band lover, and intriduced me to the fabulous sounds of prima 1st through his compositions that were performed by others such as the big band anthem sing! sing! sing! recorded by benny goodman and made famous at the historical carnegie hall concert of 1937.

    prima really hit his stride from 1947 on when he teamed up with then 16 year old (and knock dead gorgeous if i do say so myself), keely smith. prima and smith married a few years later.

    prima and smith went on to become the king and queen of vegas in the 1950's, where they were out drawing everyone (including the rat pack) with what was called the wildest show in vegas.

    this of course became the inspiration behind the character of king louie in disney's 1967 classic the jungle book, where prima made prolly his most famous recording (at least among us folk born post 50's), hey i may be old, but i only date back to 1960!), i wanna be like you.

    prima passed away in 1978

    primas best known songs are:

    "Jump-Jive'an Wail"
    "Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody" (later trashed by david lee roth)
    "A Sunday Kind Of Love"
    "The Lady In Red"
    "New Aulins"

    man i wish i'd seen him
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    Talking oh Yehs? i'll diss whatevah homelys i wantstas :p

    i ain't sayin he's Awful, but his appeal's a lot more provincial than east-coasters might realize. (judging from Ciao Professore, ital nationals are more likely to know louis Armstrong than prima; in another example, i only listen to sinatra during the holiday season, he's just too. . . Much. . . the rest of the time, know what i mean? and you can take dat to da Bank, bustah! ) while prima may be a staple out east, he's hardly heard at all over here (my introduction to him was via flix such as Big Night and Mickey Blue Eyes, which used lotsa his tunes). as for "sing sing sing" (used to the point of cliche to convey the late 80s/early 90s, money-fueled, wall street/spy magazine neo-roaring-twenties sensibilty), it took me a long time to realize "sing sing sing" prima was the same guy whose usual mode is that jolly, "goombah-catskills", spi-cy-boun-cy-loo-ee-pree-ma-pas-ta schtick

    jdah: "he has to go to Cuba for love"
    -in that case he might do well do to heed the sequence of acqusition as laid out by a certain scarfaced italocubano we all know: "FIRSH, shoo get de money. DEN, choo get de power. DEN joo get de wimmin"
    thanx to lbc's stunning triumph, a dark horse has unexpectedly galvanized what would have otherwise been the third week of "mm fashion hibernation":
    potj fx7, accessorized w/duros pistol & trophy maul binocs
    what, you need more? fx7's not enough by itself? ok then, stinger & jemhadar to keep 'im company
    np: lionel hampton, "midnight sun"
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    Red face the ghost of prima's a made man: a cautionary tale

    so right after i post above report, i get around to givin a listen to this 2-cd Casino soundtrack i found at a yard sale this summer for $1. it was $1 cuz it didn't come w/no booklet or tracklisting, so i didn't know what was on it. but for $1 i'll take the chance, wouldn't you? anyhoo, pleasantly surprised by the presence of the animals' "house of the rising sun" (which i'd been unable to locate on a used 45 single for under $1), but then louis comes from outta nowhere, singin bout some waitress named angelina bringin him a spicy meatball real zooma zooma quicklike talk about dead horse heads in the bed; mea culpa, message received, loud and clear so what happens if i diss sinatra? my boombox blows up in mah face??
    you can prolly guess that mm fashion continues to revolve around the fx7 excitement that still dominate things round here. as for the quextion of what mms are in fx7's entourage, no, its not the obvious answer of fed spacedock & probot (the two that look most like fx7). instead, since i'm also groovin on my new cf isd, but it's too big for mm fashion deployment, i deploy in its stead a coupla ships with similar coloration:
    escape pod
    hothbase model ywing VarianT (as detailed in prev. link)
    np: tito puente, "ran kan kan" (maw mix)

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    didn't you see the CF SSD pic I posted a few weeks ago?


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    Red face a picture? i'm tawkin bout viewin it In The (flesh) Plastic ;)

    pics can often be deceptive; for example, i'm actually only 14 inches tall and female (thanx r2 & ws for keepin my secrit all this time ).
    mm hibernation continues, but has taken a curious turn of late. the focus remains directed inward, towards flix; and i still find the Vibe withouT uninspiring for the most part, good only for a quik breath of quiet, chilly air on sunday nights, in breaks between a vt-custom indie double- or triple-feature (latest spot-hitter: The Virgin Suicides, comin soon to da Hump, so git on over & chime in ).
    Except for the cold sunsets, which have become so compelling they seem to come out towards you- or you towards it. like lookin at it thru binoculars, you're drawn into that shadow-stretching light, floating in its orange horizonal gauze. the perfect time of year to park a vehickle on a hillcrest & burn out yer retinas by starin for an hour or so. simultaneously winter-stark and summer-vivid, these sunsets look like they should be warmer. which means the right mms are sunset-appropriate. as in fall, known best for its sunsets? kinda, but not quite the same. different:
    fx7 (get over this one already, you say? You get over it )
    voy shuttle
    np: "into the wormhole/time stood still" from mccarthy's DS9 Emissary score
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    Thumbs up report

    as art critic robert hughes taught us, sometimes, as with picasso's Demoiselles d'Avignon, a Shock Of The New arrives on the scene, turning all previous theory on its ear and imposing its own agenda. which, in this time of simultaneous whispers that no ep2 mms are forthcoming but stmms May be reborn, is just my highfalutin excuse for disregarding aesthetic harmony so as to trot out my latest, excitement-filled acquisitions:
    repcruiser (Not the snapfast model)
    ratts pod (Not the "mm" i fashioned from the racer 2-pak)
    Turning-Turret aat
    id4 alien attacker
    that's right, jdah's pkgs (containing bc3-bagged rarities) Have arrived; full report comin soon
    ain't no Way i'm gonna snooze thru the presence of these! so i hereby declare an end to mm hibernation season
    np: maw, "i can't get no sleep"
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    Re: report

    Originally posted by vulcantouch
    i hereby declare an end to mm hibernation
    does this mean we get to phone in orders for vt's famous 2nd hand shop crawl?

    (satisfying the needs of starved micro machinists since 1995)

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    I was beginning to wonder if they'd arrived....



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