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    Red face report

    what the Feck? saturday's record high was 72f, a distinct foreshadowin of spring. but then last night dropped to a record Low of -8f well i'm Tanned (from the glow of flik-watchin), Rested (from hibern, which doesn't mean hunt season's on just Yet gsj ) & Reddy (hear me Roar ), so mama nature's got another think comin if she thinks she's gonna catch me flatfooted. i'll just split my palette into two contingents:

    contingent palette one: Springy
    teemto pod (fashioned from jt-sent pakracer)
    VinTage fett (his color's similar to fx7, with some springy accents so as to make the transition), carryin 300fett rifle

    contingent palette two: Frosty
    borg queen figure (She'll keep ya toasty )
    and for good measure, i reserve the right to deploy last week's Shock of the New palette at any time; if mama nature gets 2b Feckle, so do i
    np: hector zazou, "songs from the cold seas"

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    You'll never know how much I appreciate GSJ for moderating this section so I don't have to read this thread and be confused by it anymore.

    BTW, here in my town, it was somewhere in the high 80s last week and is supposed to be again by the next weekend. I may have to actually go out and DO something... but I won't be wearing color-coordinated Micro Machines while doing it!
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    this is probably a bit of a stretch, but...

    ......for anyone wishing to make a fashion statement:
    Star Trek designer necktie
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Question jt: you think i/we Wear mms? you Are confused ;P

    as always, anything you don't capeesh just ask, i'm happy to explain; but you did read inaugural post on old forums (link to same on this thred's 1st post), right? anyhoo, as fashion musings/reports go, mine are downright straightforward compared to some of the oblique, vreelandesque stuff out there ok, nice weather report there, next tell us what mms are catchin yer eye as a result! this is mm fashreports after all (denver & YOUR dateline), not just the weather channel here lemme show u how, goes a lil suh'um like deeyoss:
    gsj's in luck! last week's wild oscillations between winter (march's a pretty snowy month here) and spring, have since struck a middle ground that nicely shows off his recently-acquired epic 4-6s, with their liquid-detergenty colors:
    exp bwing
    hapes nova
    mon remonda
    fx7 -since fx7's colors go great w/above "detergent palette", naturally we include it & you know what else? trophy maul's base makes a Perfect fx7 stand- similar colors & detailing, only toned down so as to keep the focus on fx7's hausfrau/childbearin-hips hourglass figure twirl lady fx7 fast enough on the dancefloor & her 18-arm "skirt" flies out & up, drawing the eyes Up, Up, UP dahling also, base's ds9-style docking pylon's just the right height to let a mounted ship receive umbilical maintenance from fedspacedock's- i mean fx7's- injector arm in addition to several radial arms
    np: dizzy gillespie, "manteca"
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    Re: jt: you think i/we Wear mms? you Are confused ;P

    Originally posted by vulcantouch
    jt: you think i/we Wear mms? you Are confused ;P
    I seem to remember during the start of this thread...

    Originally posted by vulcantouch
    i agree cardieships'd make cool badges, but not cuz they resemble the Union logo, but cuz they look cool period. they're among my fave mms
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
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    Heh heh, good one Basker!
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Talking who's more foolish. . .

    . . .an imprecise wiseacre, or the cacklin' beavis that eggs him on? laugh it up, boyz; cuz mm fashion Nevah goes outta style, huh-huh-huh
    undeniable, unadulterated spring vibes in the air, beckoning the green, beckoning open windows, beckoning 80s music: beckoning the Hunt.
    a pop-music "historian" pal of mine's more of a contextualist than i am: he associates specific songs with the season in which they topped the charts. for example he thinks steely dan's "do it again" as a cloudy, winter tune cuz that's when he recalls it first hittin radio of course, i know better, taking a more formalist tack: "do it again" is clearly a sunny fall groove When one first hears or sees a thing is a subjective, ephemeral, inconsequential matter compared to the intrinsic, empirical character of its style. in the long run the Latter will form the more telling association, the more enduring context.
    there are times, however, when context and formalism are happily reconciled. every so often, one experiences the first, most striking blush of a thing in the ideal moment, and does not have to unlearn and forget that initial context in order to maximize enduring aesthetic pleasure.
    the current vibe takes me back to spring '96, when i was able to bag the 2nd, 16-ship stmm collector's set, upon First Sighting, for only $14 (i'll tell that story if curious ). the palette of the ships included therein was unusually in sync with the light, the vibe, of early spring and its hunt. many of its ships will feature heavily in the next few weeks. for now:
    3-nac ent d
    saucer-sep ent-d
    fed spacedock
    also, bc3's newly-arrived harrier custom (even though it's more of an xmas vessel), cuz i can't keep me eyes off it
    np: church, "under the milky way"
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    Question vernal equinox report

    yeah Right, tell mistah weathaman it's spring, cuz winter's still hittin, WEATHAH we likes it or not so we respond by throwin on our pyre a coupla choice logs it turns out we been savin for a tail-ender time like this. one peiceawood's smoky & stained, & the other one's blond & singed. but they both pack a lotta btu, cuz they're both nice & big. Too big to qualify as mms in fact worry not, i field-tested them at prufrock's yesterday
    half-borged 7o9 figure
    mega action droideka dee2 found me a year ago
    you can stand 7o9 alongside the eka like it's her big pet scorpion, or you can Seat her on it; it makes a perfect throne (headcowl's a canopy & the guns serve as armrests). also, give her one of them chrome-scoped naboo pistols, it looks great whether tucked into her left-hip "coil-holster" or she holds it in one hand while usin the other to rapid-slam the hammer oldwest style (blasters got hammers, right? )
    np: shirley bassey, "mr kiss kiss bang bang"
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    Cool report: now This is more like it :)

    ah, to be buffeted by cool, exhilarating night air while toolin around on hightech streets & freeways, at one with curving, banking ribbons of chrome, light & motion, sublimating one's annual "in spring a young man's fancy turns" hormonal ponn farr surges into the Hunt, glibly skimming the sprawling suburbs (about the only time of year i actually Like venturing into those soulless, history-less zones ) in search of sfmms and other Visionary Treasures and what mms accompany us on our glittering-city spree, both literally and in one's thoughts?
    dart-firing borg drone (blue-metal repaint)
    np: depeche, "get the balance right"
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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    hey VT

    Have you bagged R4-M9 yet - way the coolest astromech.



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