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    Thumbs up Ogden Street South patio, ogden & bayaud, wed7jul ~1900

    starring sithinf repaint, bajfighter, kazmutha, kazraider, ds9, sds, mtt & runabout
    tp: ryuichi sakamoto, "bibo no aozora"-

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    Cool Cucina Colore again, thu8jul ~1330-1500

    aka here; starring mercury, fx7, str4m9, ent-e, snapfast repcr, holoqueen, jemh, no-gas gian, centransport, array, bongo, kaztorp, an Interview mag & cp's Sexual Personae
    tp: sakamoto, 'high tide'-

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    Cool Highlands Garden Cafe, 32nd & perry, thu8jul ~1830

    aka here; starring sydlimo, jemh, obsidian, siskosail, hms k-bop, equinox, repcr, maquis, kazfighter, legofett & country pate
    tp: jean-luc ponty, "plastic idols"-

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    Smile Common Grounds sidewalk seating, 32nd & lowell, sat10jul ~1700-1930

    starring jemh, obsidian, voy, voyshut, maquis, hms k-bop, sailor, repcr, legofett, karemma, kazfighter, kazmutha, holo ds, sithinf repaint, mtt, kazraider & a badly-cropped equinox
    tp: natalie merchant's live version of bowie's "space oddity"-

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    Cool Washington Park Grille patio, mississippi & gaylord, sun11jul ~1500-1730

    i.e. here; starring mercury, str4m9, fx7, lamasu, queenholo, array, kaztorp, sydlimo, legofett, no-gas gian, ent-e, bongo, centransport, jemh, sailor, voy, voyshut, repcr, hms k-bop, maquis, obsidian, coralv, kazfighter & corustaxi
    tp: bryan ferry, "your painted smile"-

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    Cool Cucina Colore again, mon12jul ~1500-1700

    as you can tell from the palette & pix, sun's not so direct as on the last 2 visits, which of course affects our "casting"- to wit: starring mercury, str4m9, fx7, uberjango, lamasu, alpha tyderium, jemh, kazfighter, queenholo, ent-e, centransport, coralv, gians, bongo, snapfast repcr, & kaztorp
    tp: grace jones, "fashion show"-

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    Cool Fonkay Boodah agin, mon12jul ~1800-2000

    note about this location's tres los angeles/Limey lighting: a seven-story, blue-glass office building across the street blocks the sun from ~1700 til ~1820, at which point which sun bursts from its side. shortly after, we're bathed from a competing angle by an orange-tinged reflection of the sunset from a copper-glassed office building located (from the pov of these pix) behind and to the right of us. hence the dramatic progression from pale blue, to direct yellow, to the latter combined with "fill-in" orange anyhoo starring mercury, lamasu, repcr, centransport, wytestar, coralv, array, minbari flyer, queenholo, bongo, sailor, obsidian, sydlimo, jemh, a badly-cropped alpha tyderium and bob evans' Kid Stays In The Picture bio
    tp: thomas dolby, "screen kiss"-
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    Cool Chili Pepper window seat, 21st & bryant, tue13jul ~1145-1330

    starring furutadef, ent-a, array, ef1, sydlimo, klae, legofett, a passable cheesecake and the downtown/elitch skyline
    tp: grace jones, "la vie en rose"-

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    Cool Fourth Story again, thu15jul ~1330-1700

    the progression of the weather's apparent in this series; starring mercury, fx7, str4m9, queenholo, array, ent-e, bongo, both gians, two different aats, jemh, flashsp, cortaxi, coralv, sithinf, sithinf repaint, karemma, af sithbike, af stap, ds9, applause cc & deckard groundcar (w/trunk-mounted saga dengar backpack)
    tp: malcolm maclaren, "driving into delirium"-

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    Thumbs up Penn Street Perk, 13th & pennsylvania, thu15jul ~1900-2100

    i.e. here; Damn this cam aims bad sometimes starring potj ig88, droideka, greenship, kazraider, centransport, 2 diff aats, runabout, ds9, bajfighter, af eka, mtt, numiri, deckardcar & a badly-cropped carrycase rolledeka
    tp: mclaren, "miles and miles of miles davis"-


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