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    Aug 2001
    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Just finished my new baby......the Terminator 2 Heavy Ground Hunter Killer.

    Well, you've gotta use those crappy military MM's somehow.

    The pic doesn't do it justice - honestly.


    Also finished Imperial Mobile Assault Canon (big TIE tank - will update soon).
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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa

    Star Trek Board

    FAO Messrs Touch & Basker

    Hats off to you - very forthright.


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    Thumbs up thanx for try gsj :) thanx for hedz-up, bc3 :)

    i cherish any fresh chance i get to make HoRseCaRcass my smackaround Beeyotch our next step: mash 'im flat w/your new heavy-ground hk
    sounds like gsj's following bc3 & me into droiddom, eh? (actually i don't collect all droids, just a few) also sounds like gsj don't just dig the q5 for its holo-ds "mm" not a bad autumnal verkstation palette, considering y'all down in florida don't have Real Seasons from which to draw fashinspiration but i Must say, any palette which includes that take-a-dump rancor is inevitably gauche i can only iMagine your colleagues' horror; tsk tsk, turnin em offa mms before they even hadda chance to get into em
    here in denver we're now in the final, most bombastic stage of fall foliage colors: rust, orange, yellow, olive, maroon, salmon. soon, all will fade to a muddy brown and drop away.
    in response, carpe diem:
    -titan ae phoenix
    -alpha b-wing
    -alpha snowspeeder
    -snapfast mtt
    -snapfast tf lander
    -droid fighter
    -b5 raider
    -gv dathon
    np: grace jones, "autumn leaves"
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    actually i work with a pretty gauche crew

    they all seem to like the rancor best!

    i've added the betty to the fall line up as well, it's green tiger striping over the gouldens mustard colored body, makes this a teriffic autumnal addition!

    as fer droid's i must say, the r2-q5 has piqued my interest in collectin' em. (only the r2- variety). mason has a r2-d2 (the one with booster rockets). ialso have an unopened royal starship with the red r2 unit at home (one day we'll get around to opening it, when we get a bigger boat in which to put it in)(sheeesh, 3 feet of toy, no wonder i like micro machines!). are there any other r2 type droids out there? i love the blue and gold one which came with the mm royal starship repair play set, did they make one in a potf size?

    np: blink 182 - all the small things
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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Yes they did make an Ep1 fig of the blue and gold one - it's called R2-B1 and is a really cool figure.

    You can also buy POTF R5-D4 which is a bit naff as it is scuplted way too big, the head doesn't turn and the middle foot is fixed in place (as there is a hidden missile launcher in the centre of the droid - thrilling!).

    The vintage R5-D4 is much better as it actually looks like the droid.

    All of the above will soon be appearing on my new page.



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    1. Vintage R2-D2
    2. Vintage R5-D4
    3. Vintage ESB R2 with Sensor scope (Same mold as first vintage R2 but with a hole for the scope)
    4. Vintage ROTJ R2 with lightsaber (Same mold as first vintage R2 but with a hole for the saber)
    5. POTF2 R2-D2
    6. POTF2 R5-D4
    7. POTF2 (Freeze Frame) R2-D2 with Tools
    8. Flash Back R2-D2 with launching lightsaber
    9. COMMtech R2-D2 with little clear blue "hologram" of Leia (The same mold of this R2 was the one used for R2-Q5)
    10. Episode 1 R2-D2 with booster rockets
    11. Episode 1 Red R2 unit (forgot the name of it)
    12. Episode 1 R2-B1 with regeneration unit
    13. POTJ R2-D2 with wheels on feet
    14. POTJ R2-Q5

    I think that's all the astromech droid figures.
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    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    fort lauderdale/hollywood fl

    i've added the phoenix ship from titan ae to my fall collection

    it really is a nice addition! the two tone brown (burnt sienna?) and copper markings on the engine cowling, the bright orange of the engine exhaust array, all offset by the little white snowball dot at the front of the fusalage(to of course remide us that winter is a comin'), and the frosted blue of the cockpit glass actually makes this ship a perfect fall vehicle!

    now if there was only a way to display this ship on it's display stand properly, without having to off set it to one side or the other due to the proximity of the stabalizer fin to the mounting hole

    oh well, at least it's an original, genuine micro machine, unlike it's counter part drej stinger! da heck is that?! the mm design team musta been liquored up at the time. it coulda been a real interesting ship, instead we're given this piece of glossy transparent blue free form void of any detail, that is waaaaay outta scale with anything else in the mm universe. additionlly the firing missle workings are atrocious, and the dayum missle ain't even red like shown on the box, it's fricken taupe! red would have been a nice offset.................

    whooops! i do sound like marvin!
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    Red face gsj: "the little white snowball dot at the front of the fusalage. . .

    . . .(to of course remide us that winter is a comin')"
    -oh my God, i thought I was bad yer Sick, yknow that?? it seems i've created a fashion MMoahn-stah, and it's aliiive so That's what i sound like, hm? "i finally understand my childhood nickname, 'run run it's him' " -elliott, GAL ep "bad fish"
    kitschy plaque for gsj's kitchen wall:
    "whichever belly swallers my guests,
    "it seems they like my rancor's best"
    seconding your criticism of the stinger, and bc3's praise of r2b1, goes great w/corusguard, &/or q5 & rocket d2
    i'm glad you agree re phoenix, but hey, Quit Rubbin In the fact that i didn't get a betty in fashionable time for the fall season why not just put the phoenix's stand on frontwards? it'll balance
    full moon halloween report
    maybe y'all overseas don't have this holiday, but all you really need to know is that its traditional colors are orange & black. thus:
    -ea atmoshuttle
    -rom bop
    -tie (its lattices look like spiderwebs )
    -alpha ywing (thanx gsj)
    -interrogator droid
    mib arquillian battlecruiser (at our last tea r2 & i decided this particular shade of purple somehow qualifies as halloweeny, though we weren't able to figure out exactly Why. besides, its orange gunports help seal the deal )
    potf barquin dan (cuz he's altogether OOOKY )
    potj duros (his head looks like a squash and his eyes have that nice pumpkin color; also, he looks like boris karloff
    np: elton, "crocodile rock" (the closest sound in my collection to "monster mash" by bobby "boris" pickett & the cryptkicker five )
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    Okay, my fourpenneth worth, inspired by your Hallowquillian schemes;

    The only mm that I've ever found to been reminiscent of other things is the Snowspeeder which reminds me of planaria or some other kind of flatworm/louse.


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    Red face though it's too late now,

    . . .in response to your post i went back & made a coupla additions to last week's palette
    anyone comin down with dat flu goin round? yes? well then, in contrast to the spicy, seasonal color-riot we just downed, here's some nice bland chicken soup:
    -kirk's 1701
    -bot bay
    -optional figure: vintage boussh wearing a sote helmet
    -and of course the supercool buckyroj diecast gsj sent me last week
    np: linda clifford, "if my friends could see me now"


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