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    Question tibanna? not cloud city?

    whooo boy! don't that stand out like a brown shoe at a black tie affair? i mean with all that drabness going on about!

    oh i get it now! the tibanna is the bullion cube prior to being desolved into the soupy mix!

    hows bout a shriwirr as the knadle?

    np: carole king - the ballad of chicken soup (really rosie soundtrack)
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    Question boullion? maybe;

    on the other hand, sometimes an unpredictable inclusion like that just seems to work for Some reason, whether or not we can come up w/an illustrative analogy or theoretical construct to xplain xactly Why :happy:
    off-white, w/dashes of red & blue, call out to me this week; why? the fall of kabul? yesterday's VeTerans day holiday? a bit of VatrioTism wormin its way into vt's palette? who knows anyhoo:
    -dc bucky
    -imp lander
    - " " w/hingewings
    -tyderium w/ " "
    -hallmark controlfreak (thanx swaffy )
    -titan phoenix (there's that ol boullion cube agin )
    btw, i tried to look up the definition of "knadle", but either you made it up or, more likely, Misspelled it so, i'm gonna assume it means. . .
    np: barnes & barnes, "fish heads"

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    matzoh balls baby! matzoh balls!

    you gettin' marmie on me me again?

    well jes call me a lost boy!

    np: i won't grow up - peter pan original broadway cast album!
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    re: "matzoh balls baby! matzoh balls!"

    y'know? I think there's something truly medicinal about matzoh ball soup. A few days ago, I had the sore throat from hell. I was positive I was coming down with tonsilitis. Remembering my childhood (I was "Jewish-by-marriage" in that I had both a Jewish stepmother and stepfather), I went to the local restaurant that has the nerve to call itself not just "A" deli, but "THE Deli." Bear in mind that this is a town where when they ask you what kind of bread you want with your corned beef sandwich, they don't mean just rye or pumpernickel. They'd bring it to you on wonderbread with mayo if you asked, and never so much as bat an eyelash. If there's one drawback to living in a small town, It's the lack of a good selection of quality ethnic foods. I'd practically kill for a falafel - not even a good one - just any falafel (but I digress)((but then, this entire post is a digression!!!!)) Getting back to the soup.... either it's been so long since I had a real bowl of matzoh ball soup that I can't remember what good stuff tastes like, or "THE" Deli really did manage to make a decent bowl, because the next day my absolutely certain case of tonsilitis was gone. I'm sure this has been the burning issue keeping you all awake nights it's ok, you can relax now. I'm feeling better.

    --Forget "Bring Back MicroMachines Dammit!" Bring a Canter's Fairfax to my town! (j/k gsj)
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    canter's fairfax!

    i remeber that joint back when i did my stint in la. summer of 1980! one night i went there with a couple of friends about 11:00pm as i recall, and sitting at the booth next to us was jack lemon and walter mathau! the odd couple! that joint was always busy any time of day or night!

    if you guys ever get to nyc, and are hankering for some incredible edible deli, youse gots to get yourself over to the 2nd avenue deli! it's on the corner of 10th street and 2nd avenue. by far, it is the best jewish fleisch (meat) delicatessen ever!

    for dairy, it's grand dairy at the corner of grand street and essex street! the best black bread in the world, and the potato soup is to die for! wash it down with a gless (that's not a spelling error, they call it gless not glass) of cold cherry borscht, and you'll know you've eaten well!:happy:

    btw, if you want really bad deli, come to florida , this joint stinks when it comes to soul food
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    re: "if you want really bad deli, come to florida" c'mon GSJ, Pumpernicks wasn't all that bad, although it was inconsistent, which is just as bad if you hit the place on a bad day/night. And I can't recall the name, but there was one other good place up around Boca somewhere. 'Spensive tho'!

    Can't believe you've been to Canter's! That place is great at any hour, but for a real experience, you should go there around 2:30 or 3:00 AM. That's when the "folks that never see the sun" come in - the hardcore punkers/rockers/generally-whacko-types. The Mos Eisley Cantina ain't got nuthin' on Canter's late-nite. Cool that you saw "the Odd Couple" there. It's not unusual to catch many-a-celeb there. At lunch & dinner times you can see lotsa CBS TV stars there since it is caddy-corner to the CBS Television City offices & studios. For people-watching, there's another deli in the Valley called Jerry's Famous Deli. The food is so-so, but it's another place where the real "alien-types" come out late at night. I ate next to Billy Idol there once.

    I agree though, NYC DOES have the best deli. I don't think I've tried the places you mentioned. It's been way too many years since I had NY deli. Gimme a hot corned beef, a bowl of matzoh ball, potato pancakes (or a piping, steaming hot potato knish!!!), and a bottle of Dr. Brown's cel-ray! Omigod! I may need to take a drive to NYC this weekend! Yer killin' me here, GSJ!
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    yeah, they were awright , as were wolfies, and corky's. however, they were all gobbled up by some corporate machine or another, and were closed and reopened (in name only), and pretty much stink on ice. the problem with florida, is in order to make a good bread for the sandwich, (as well as soup broth, bagles, mixing, whatever), ya needs good water, and that my friend, we ain't got! (ever taste the swill that comes outta the taps down here? yech! (hollywood where thank goodness i live, actually has fairly decent water, and thus we also have the only deli that i can fairly tolerate down here, deli den)

    i know what you mean aout the late night/early morning ghoul types at canters, that's what i was alluding to when i said that place was non-stop any hour of the day or night!
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    Florida water...

    GSJ - I lived in Jacaranda and went to Plantation H.S. for a semester. I know very well (no pun intended) the stinky, sulphurous, swamp-gas that passes for H2O in SoFla. Good point about it hampering baking and cooking in general. I didn't consider that.

    (so just HOW does that crappy water end up making such sweet, delicious Oranges and yummy lemons & limes????)
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    CANTERS?!? That dive? That place is literally the restaurant that began the need for the "cleanliness grades" (and I'm no fan of their food). Now for REAL high-quality jewish deli in LA, try Juniors on Westwood and Pico... me and my dad both grew up on their free pickles and their fantastic soup, coleslaw, bbq beef sandwiches, reubens, egg creams, Dr Browns' cream soda, 7-layer-cake... damn I wish I still lived on the west side.

    Canters is really only good for the Kibbitz Room connected to it IMO, there is such an eclectic group of people coming in and out of there at night that you can't help but feel welcome simply by being DIFFERENT. Luckily, there's a 24-hour pizza joint right across the street if you want GOOD food.

    Jerry's Famous is a chain, and I don't eat at chain delis.

    Swaffo, Falafel is very easy to make, they have a mix at many stores, it's basically just chickpeas and herbs/spices, and you make it into a ball and deep fry it up. Get yourself some sauce and pita bread, and you've got yourself a real falafel.

    Oh, that reminds me, it's almost time for my grandma to make latkes (potato pancakes) - it's the one Jewish food my sister can't get enough of. I love those things, it almost makes Hannukah better than Xmas in my family!
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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    24 hour pizza joint? You lucky yanks!



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