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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    Oh, that reminds me, it's almost time for my grandma to make latkes (potato pancakes) - it's the one Jewish food my sister can't get enough of. I love those things, it almost makes Hannukah better than Xmas in my family!
    nothing like a deep fried belly bomber for the holidays!:happy:

    what traditional jewish food lacks in spices, and added flavoring, is more than made up in grease and chicken fat! :happy: oh baby!
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    Never mind gravy!

    gimme chopped liver on cholla !



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    re: "try Juniors on Westwood and Pico"

    JT - I've been to Junior's. As I recall, it was a popular lunch spot for cops and legal-types. Was/is there some sorta courthouse or something around there? Isn't it sorta near the Nuart theatre? It's been over 10 years since I was in LA, but I lived there for over 15 years. I prolly ate at over 2000 different restaurants in that time. As for Canter's "cleanliness," it was well-worn as far as the fixtures were concerned but I never thought it looked grundgy. Although, my standards have matured quite a bit since those days.

    I see the falafel mixes at the store all the time, but there's just something intangibly different about the ones from the little storefront falafel stands. F'rinstance, there was one about a block up from Canter's, on the same side o' the street like between Canters and the high school - with a white & blue paint job and sign. Mmmmm they made good ones. And there was a ptomaine-trap on H-wood Blvd around like Western or Cherokee, or somewhere like that, on the north side o' the street. They had the lamb in the glass box on a rotating spit, and they made a decent falafel.

    This is driving me nuckin' futs. I gotta get some decent food. After all, there's only so much Amish smorgasbord you can eat. Eventually you need some better variety to your epicurean life.
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    Juniors is indeed popular with lawyers and infestment... heh, I mean "investment" types, but it's not near any banking centers, courthouses, or police stations - people just go out of their way for quality deli. With cops, they eat EVERYWHERE on the west side, Norms, Juniors, especially "Ships" before they got torn down. Dunno what it is about the issue, but cops seemed to love sit down food all over West LA, even at Jack in the Box and Pizza Hut. Juniors is in the somewhat general vicinity of the Nuart theater, but I wouldn't say it's near. However, there is a divey deli/restaurant right down the street from both the Nuart and the West LA courthouse called "Dolores'", my cousin worked there for a time. The place had little in the way of real character both in the food and in the help, but it did have a lot of lawyers and cops during the day because it was 2 blocks away from both the West LA police station and the aforementioned courthouse.

    I wasn't kidding about Canters starting the ratings thing, it was THAT dirty inside, both in the back and up front where the baked goods are. They've since cleaned up, but it was really really bad, it got a severely poor grade and customers never knew, so this made HUGE waves once it hit the papers and the people demanded to know what ratings every LA restaurant got.

    I think part of what makes a great falafel great is the less-than-fresh fat their deep fried in, and it takes a LOT of practice to get the right balance of crunch outside and tenderness inside. BTW, that falafel stand you speak of, I think it's now evolved into a solid building restaurant with a little eating area, but Fairfax high is on the other side of the street and another block up. As for your description of this Shwarma hovel on Hollywood blvd, it's hard to remember if it's there or not because there are a dozen other failing falafel/shwarma places on H-wood bvld just like it. Plus, a bunch of 'em went under when the city closed half of H-wood blvd for 2 years while they built the unpopular underground metro rail. My favorite falafel huts were this weird stand/building on Pico and... somewhere between 17th and 2st in Santa Monica, and this other joint on Westwood and Santa Monica blvd where I'd hang out while waiting at the bus transfer point going to or from high school. This place had the OILIEST food, but the aroma made it acceptable.

    Swaffy, you should spend a few bucks and take a trip to NYC to get your grub on. Spend a day in the city, spend some money, get food poisoning.
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    hey jt!

    is the great american food and beverage experience still around on santa monica? i worked there as a singin', piano bashing, waiter back in the summer of '80. the last time i was in la was 85, and it was still there then. had a blast that summer!
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    re: "Dolores" restaurant -

    JT - good call! You're right on. That was the one I was confusing with Junior's. I may have actually missed out on Juniors. I can't believe that Ships was torn down. I used to go there sometimes after seeing movies in Westwood. Damn. Where else could you tast your bread right at the table! And Norms! Talk about bulk-loading on the cheap! They used to have a steak dinner that was about $4.00. Mostly gristle, but still - steak. I always used to draw an extra line on the first letter of their name on my placemat and change it from "Norms" to "Worms."

    By the way, do they still Have "Tiny Naylor's" restaurants? I once had the most amazing trip sitting in the one on Sepulveda and Victory. The old, heavyset waitress started making pig and cow-like grunting noises with every movement she made. Ahh.. good times.

    Well, I decided to take JT's and GSJ's advice. I've shipped the kiddies off to their mom and then their grandmom's for the weekend and I'm off to NYC for a day and a half food-fest! (really!) Bye!
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    GSJ, I don't know of this restaurant of which you speak, but if you give me a more specific area (since SM blvd runs like 20 miles from the beach to downtown LA), I could look dem up. Say, are they related to "Professor P.J. Cornucopia's Fantastic Foodmagorium and Great American Steakery"?

    Swaf, Ships was a small chain and they ALL got torn down at the same time, it was weird seing this coffee shop that was such a staple in my, my mother's, and my grandfather's lives just up and disappear. However, those toasters at the tables were death traps, last few times I was in Ships, not only did the toaster incinerate my english muffin, but at least one other in the restaurant was buzzing loudly as if it had a fork stuck in it. Personally, I love Norms, they have some amazingly cheap prices 24 hours a day, and I especially love their breakfast prices, $4.00 can get you a LOT of food there STILL! "Worms", I never did it, but I can picture it in my head. As for Tiny Naylors, most got turned into Dennys, but I think the one you speak of is still a Tiny Naylors, it's their last one I think. I liked the atmosphere there as a kid, a little "formal" but still upbeat.

    Wow, Swaffy is makin' a beeline for his grub-on! Have fun Swaffo, don't eat anything that's still moving!
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    I'm baaaack!!!

    As I write this, I am sloooooowwwwwly savoring bites and chews of the 2nd 1/2 of the originally-hot corned beef sandwich, which was part of my sumptuous lunch today at the 2nd Ave. Deli.

    This establishment has learned one of the most elusive secrets in the art of cooking - sometimes, with a perfect blend of ingredients and preparation, LESS can be MORE.

    I am definitely not meaning they serve LESS quantity. Their portions and the extra treats they bring to your table with every order are magnificent. What I mean is less seasoning can allow you to taste the quality of the food, instead of just the pepper or other spices. If you are confident in the flavor of your basic ingredients, then you don't need to mask them by over-seasoning.

    I found this to be the case with both the matzoh ball soup and the cole slaw at 2nd Ave. At first, as I was tasting the soup, I thought, "Hmmm, this doesn't taste nearly as lively as the soup I had at 'The Deli' back in State College." After a moment, I realized that what I remembered as "liveliness" in the other soup was in fact just a lot of black pepper taste. As I continued, I discovered that with less black pepper, I could better taste the stock broth, the matzoh "dough"(???), and the delicious, big chunks of carrot and the little noodle polygons. And what I tasted was time-tested, confident, Quality. A soup that could make the meanest mo-fo in the valley cry in remembrance of his mama, and her home cookin'.
    ('scuze the delay.... had to savor another bite!)

    The cole slaw was also, at the same time both incredibly understated and amazingly flavorful. There is NO dairy at 2nd Ave. Deli, so the cole slaw isn't made with a creamy mayonnaise sauce. As best I can tell, it is mainly cabbage and vinegar. No carrot slivers. There is definitely something, or some things else in the slaw, but the taste is so delicate, yet inexplicably full-flavored, I just can't explain it other than to say again - they've done more with less. More perfectly blended, quality ingredients, with less overkill of seasonings or other salad-veggies that would just distract from the real deal.
    (another bite... very small - trying to make the sandwich last as long as possible)

    As I eluded to above, in other cases MORE is MORE. In addition to the Big bowl of soup and Humongous corned beef sandwich, the table was set with no fewer than SEVEN full-sized Kosher dills served in a stainless steel trough like the ones you used to get with a banana split, a plate of hearth baked bread and little roll of what I think was cholla, and a cereal-sized bowl full of the cole slaw - generous dollops of which I delightedly plopped atop the meat of my sandwich, along with yummy deli mustard which is kept on the table in the small stainless steel pitchers in which you'd find your coffee cream in other restaurants.

    The meal was capped by a platter of assorted rugalech. My favorites were a sort of cinnamon with a hint of maybe nutmeg? But they were all delicious.

    Now for some very sad news. The entrance door to the 2nd Ave. Deli is covered by a wanted/reward poster for the murderer of the restaurant's owner, Abe Lebewohl.

    As for Grand Dairy, after searching unsuccessfully for it in the general vicinity of Grand and Essex, I was later told by an employee at 2nd Ave. that it went out of business about 10 years ago.

    All in all, the last 24 hours have been quite an adventure. Got the van loaded up and on the interstate at about 9:00 last night, arriving in Manhattan around 12:20 AM.

    GSJ, I report the following with the most sincere and deepest respect.....

    I was solemnly and magnetically drawn directly to Warren and West Broadway. The barricades are now only a minimum distance from the site of September's tragedy. I watched as a crane used its wrecking ball to slowly try to disassemble the still substantial hulk that was once building five. If I live to be 100, I know for certain that the images of that building's remains, along with four more hours of assorted inputs to each of my five senses, collected in a slow walk around the entire perimeter of the site, will remain as strong with me then as they are right now.

    F*ck those soulless bastards who did this.
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    I was so upset, i forgot to attach the visual aids to the luncheon.

    This was lunch - what's left of it, at least.
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    more 2nd Ave. imagery...

    Got there a bit early (~5:00 AM).... An old gentleman was in there working already and told me they didn't open until 7AM.
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