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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa

    Re: Mezcal patio, colfax & adams, fri2sep ~1330-1700

    Nice to see a GV take to the sky - good work!


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    Cool The Otis (rear patio this time), sat3sep ~1230-1430

    (formerly Mambo Dogs; starring airborne af stap, v1k-bop & badly-cropped cw dlx ekaribbonhead
    tp: laurie anderson, "excellent birds"-
    vt (oh that ain't a gv's 1st fashot, bc3: look thru past pics & c4 yerself )

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    Cool Espo's Cucina Dolce patio, larimer & 28th st., sat10sep ~1400-1700

    i.e. here; starring airborne teal byopod, aldarpod & jangopak
    tp: propoganda, "duel"-

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    Cool Baker neighborhood stroll, sat10sep ~1730-1900

    i.e. here; starring the moon (1st shot), walkborne repcr, voy, equinox, badly-cropped furuta k-bop, hms k-bop & sailor in front of the mayan
    tp: jefferson starship, "st. charles"-

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    Cool Las Margaritas patio (gaylord & tennesee location this time), sun11sep ~1430-1800

    starring airborne stargazer, v1k-bop, ssp gv, badly-cropped aldarpod & carkoon boba
    tp: strawberry alarm clock, "birds in my tree"-

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    Cool McLoughlin's patio, little raven & 16th st., mon12sep ~1400-1730

    i.e. here, at the foot of the mb; starring wa7, snapfast mtt and airborne furutastargazer, melbourne, aldarpod, ssp gv & teal byopod
    tp: m/robin scott, "the bridge"-

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    Cool Soleil patio again, thu15sep ~1330-1700

    w/new webpage; starring r2b1 and airborne obsidian, '95 and ke fettpax and canary & mustard byo pods (thanx dee )
    tp: crucial Chicstrumental dub of sister sledge's "pretty baby" (that as yet exists only in my head)-

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    Cool Crazy Asian Cafe corner windowseat, downing & alameda, thu15sep ~1830-2130

    starring tie-b, tie-int, nhc, x99 gv and airborne trifi & romando ent-d
    tp: "this is how you dance" from barry's Follow Me score-

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    Cool McCoy's patio, i-70 & federal, sat17sep ~1100-1330

    starring airborne ssp gv reconning imminent roadtrip "flightpath"
    tp: america, "ventura highway"-

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    Cool Taza De Cafe sidewalk seating, 44th & lowell, mon19sep 1530-1830

    i.e. here; starring r2b1, ts anajsf, betty, ssp gv, vorlontranny, sebulbapod, anapod (i think) and airborne 8472bio, teal & canary byo pods (thanx dee )
    tp: badfinger, "day after day"-


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