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    re: an eyetalian-amerikin who likes sopranos?

    I can understand Paglia's objections to the perpetuation of the streotype. Italians certainly have no corner on the market when it comes to the entertainment industry portraying a particular ethnic group or race via unflattering stereotypes. I've only seen nine episodes of the Sopranos so far, but in one of the last ones - either episode 8 or 9 of season one - the lead character is invited to a country club with some wonder-bread-white folks (see, there's a stereotype for everyone) where he gets treated like a real "goomba." He later recalls to someone how he and his friends, as kids, mistreated another kid with a cleft palate & speech impediment. He goes on to say that after the golf outing he now had some idea how that kid must have felt when they teased him. I haven't really captured the entire feeling of that episode, but it made a point to mention that even at its peak the "mafia" only consisted of maybe 5000 people in the U.S., and there are about 20 million Italian-Americans, so I think the show was trying to give the viewers a proper sense of perspective.

    I'm secure enough with my own personal history and my Italian heritage to appreciate the show for what it is - great entertainment. In addition to the arguably negative ethnic stereotypes there's also some perfectly portrayed stereotypes of family relationships, some dysfunctional and some truly touching (and many that are both), that would strike a chord with anyone of any nationality or race.
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    Seeaaaauuuu sorry VT :oP

    But, despite my views on the talentless 'Posh' (A MASSIVE misnomer) Spice, I wasn't going to let that "dog" reference slip by. I would have if the insult had been more thoughtful, but it was a knee-jerk insult from an eejit. BTW, I did retract the harshness of my delivery later on when I realised the poster was only 16.....

    So, "highfalutin Yap yap", is it? Thank god I frequent this board the most, I know that my claptrap is understood, no matter what altitude the falutin' gets to I thought Americans were crazy, I hope the inference is not stupid too


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    VT, you could put "www." in front. It happened again in the hissy thread with your last link there. Otherwise, just let it happen.
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    Smile Italians and stereotypes

    Hey Swafman, I did not know about your "Italian heritage"! It is nice to know!
    Unfortunately I did not see the TV series you and VT are talking about, but I cannot resist adding few observations about Italians and stereotypes.

    First of all, usually Italians like the stereotypes for which they are known abroad (mainly in the USA). Generally Italians are pictured like people who like the family, music, to eat pasta, and have a strong feeling about honour. Well, it is not bad. Even if these stereotypes are not really up-to-date. For example it is true Italians love music, but there are very few mandoline players nowadays. It is also true Italians usually have strong relatives relationships and love the family, but in Europe Italy has the lowest growth index (few children).

    So here there are new stereotypes you can start using, more actual. Italians are not able to make war! (in every mission of our army abroad, usually peace missions fortunately, Italian soldiers are more like: "well, we are here, but we are not really 'warriors', we are just people going around and becoming friends with children" ) Italians are also crazy with the coffee! (it looks like Italians are not able to find a good coffee in every other country but Italy, and they become really mad with that ) Finally Italians like confusion, we live in a perpetual confusion status! (useful Italian word: "casino" [ka-see-nou]; it means confusion, mess, you will hear it a lot of times if you come in Italy )

    Anyway I think Italians stereotypes are usually very very funny, and I am always ready to have fun at myself!


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    re: Italians and stereotypes

    JediGoofy, it was great to get your view on this subject. As for Italian stereotypes, the one I've usually confronted in my own life has been the belief that Italians are passionate lovers. Personally, I haven't minded doing my part to live up to that one.
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    Talking Ehi ...

    Ehi Swafman,
    what can I say? You are perfectly right ... WE are Very Passionate Lovers!
    (Well at least Swafman and JediGoofy for sure! )

    Wanna try girls?


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    Wink fuggedaboudit over dere, capeesh? i'm tawkin ovah heah :D

    quiztime: what's the main difference between italian national stereotypes and italian-american stereotypes? answer: only the latter can stand louis prima swaffy, jg & baal (in addition to we honorary italians) might find this highfalutin yapyap a fruitful read; feel free to share your reactions personally "i ain't no loverboy"- clyde barrow (warren beatty), Bonnie & Clyde i also ain't too picky about coffee quality; be it swill or otherwise, to me it's more of a prop, an excuse to hang in some cafe for 3 hours
    jt: ME, trouble myself to type a superfluous "www"? like That's gonna happen
    jdah: posh may not be talented (like i'd know Anything about spicegirl music ), but she's certainly the purtiest spice on that rack skankiest? no quextion: Sporty- looks like marisa tomei fell outa bed

    "I thought Americans were crazy, I hope the inference is not stupid too"
    -don't be so sure: speakin for myself, this yank can be stupid with the best of em
    just like last time: still more into flix (watched 14 last week!) than slummin. so the mm fashion slowdown continues:
    holo ds (looks great in these gauzy sunsets)
    gonk (looks kinda like a walkin film projector )
    np: nino rota, Amarcord theme

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    re: louis prima

    Hey! There's nothing wrong with Louis Prima! I've seen him at Festa Italiana in Milwaukee a couple times and he's a terrific performer who gives a very fun show. Don't go dissin' my homeys, VT.
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    My manager is Sicillian, apparently he has to go to Cuba for love....mind you, he is a bit silly


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    apparently he has to go to Cuba for love...

    okay, you can't just drop a line like that without some further explanation! What is the unique allure of Cuba to this Sicilian chap? I mean, what does he see in Cubanas (or Cubanos?) that is not seen in Brazilians or Yanks, or Sicilians for that matter?
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"


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