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    fort lauderdale/hollywood fl

    Talking marmie, as in school marm!

    for once agin' trashing the english language!

    the education i git 'round this joint is worth it's weight in bouillon baby!
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    what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding

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    re: VT's "you Didn't think to set up an mm or af centerpiece on your 2nd ave table"

    VT, you are Truly amazing! Yes, in fact I DID think to display AF(s) or MM(s) on the table at the 2nd Ave. luncheon. Unfortunately, the thought didn't occur to me until I was pointing the damn camera at the table!!!!!!!!!! But as soon as I thought of it, I knew I was gonna hear something about not doing so.

    Had I planned better, and had openers of every SWAF item I own, I think I'd have displayed:

    (the setting is a clear, cool, late morning in lower-east-side Manhattan...)


    the full-sized Snowspeeder from the Series Alpha set (a bit more sandy colored than the single boxed ones)

    Die-Cast EP1 droid control ship

    Die-cast Droid Fighter
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    yeah, personally i could see a dill-like df workin on an nyc deli table. . .

    . . .even if i've never seen an nyc deli in person and ewing's pale r/w/b palette woulda probably been a hit within these days' contexts as well btw, in my prev. post above, "dent" was sposed to be "deny"; hope that weren't too confusin also, did i say wonton soup? maybe i meant eggdrop soup. whatEVER- i think they Both look like pre-eaten food
    ltb: i think you're right; despite my minimal affection for it, berman might indeed've worked in last week's palette; too bad i didn't remember it however, 1701 & botbay woulda been better suited to my palette of 3 weeks ago (see nov 6 post above). as for voyshuttle, somethin about its palette seems to pop better in summer, along with karemma, ent-e etc. for example, its white just isn't as white as the berman, know what i mean?
    we got snow, we got single-digit overnight lows, we got charlie parker skies, we got breath we can see in short, we got:
    imp's speederbike
    VinTage ig88 figure
    interrogator droid
    np: king harvest, "dancin in the moonlight"
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    I'd say we've got snow, we haven't even had a frost and it's snowing for the first time this winter and it's already sticking really well to the ground! Well except for the streets, but that's really odd for Oklahoma, heck, today is even the first day it got below 30 this winter. It's already goin' Hoth! *watches a wampa walk by* Cameos...crazy crazy crazy.

    By the way, VT, I added the Voyager shuttle since it had red on the nacelles and the 1701 also had those and since you put the holo DS2 from R2-Q5, I figured those would be good choices too.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    Arrow so, you're from okelydokely, eh ltb?

    ah, but there's a difference between painted red details (nacelles) and clear orange-red (holo ds)
    light metallic blue's the key color this week, simultaneously reflecting the cooler, clearer skies and foreshadowing the metallics which dominate new year's week:
    kaz mutha (this week's boullion cube?)
    reb transport
    alpha xwing
    ff atat driver w/k3 commpack & VinTage scouttrooper gun
    ahk -good news for gsj, since he just got one btw anyone else seen 2nd ave deli featured in passing in an "eating out"-themed amex comm ("don't leave home w/out a hoagie?" )?
    np: inner city (known for the icy sound of its detroit house sound), "do you love what you feel"
    p.s: guess what else's in fashion during cold months: FLIX! also, chitchattin about flix! so those fellow MManiacs of mine who haven't already, get thee to a hump, ya humps i was sorely tempted to start that thred here in the mm section so i could stay cozily nestled amongst y'all (i wonder if we're the most clannish forum? personally i mainly read this forum, while only occasionally checking into potj, general & suggestions); but, i decided to play by the rules & put it in "general" where i supPose it belongs

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    Post report

    not muchuva coherent aesthetic theory to pull these together, they're just all workin is all:
    silver armageddondillo
    hound's tooth
    b5 station
    potj coruscant guard
    np: the hoppin, happnin' hump, which it seems a few of you still haven't checked into

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    Lightbulb winter solstice report

    a dusting of snow never leaves north-side shadows, and the sun's arc thru the sky assumes its lowest, most rakish angle, leaving most of the sky uncrossed which yields, on clear days, a stark, pale blue light unique to this time of year; very VeneTian :happy: also, nights are their longest, so darkness-mitigating xmas decorations (descended from pagan traditions, according to prof. jdah ) make aesthetic sense no matter how gaudy
    -med frigate
    -queenship (silver bling-blings multihued lights perfect)
    -repcruiser; but since jdah didn't send mine in time for this year , i instead deploy:
    -snapfast repcruiser
    np: sinatra, "wee small hours"

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    fort lauderdale/hollywood fl

    Question speakin' of jeddah............................

    where she been of late? long time, no nothing!

    wazzamatta? yous don' like us no mo?
    0 /// /// F=MA~~~~~~~~~~~~
    what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding

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    of course I still like you

    the past 5 months have been ugly around here and are getting worse. We are meant to be moving, everything has been packed for the past 4 months and we still don't have a move-in date. I wanted to be in for Halloween...I'm not even going to be in for Christmas and you know what? The house we're buying is next door to where I live now.... I am slowly unpacking things we'd thought we'd not need etc..It's so depressing.

    Apart from that, I am still visiting less and less till EP2 comes out.


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    Unhappy oh yeh? look at the evidence:

    seein as how jdah Still hasn't sent my stuff, i'd say jdah protesteth too much in above post so as to spare our (my) feelings, i.e., jdah Don't luv us no mo i forgot to mention, last week was also a great time to deploy ep1 r2
    new year's eve report
    monty burns' favorite time of year, cuz he's old enough to remember when people Knew how to spend new years: in ritzy, roaring 20s style, swillin joe kennedy's bootleg hooch while flapper floozies charleston the night away! better flaunt them wall street riches before the bank panic, which in mm terms means trafficking in your glitziest baubles:
    -darkkon pulverizer (the gv that looks like a nanite; gsj, yours should be falling into your lap as you read this Very senTence, so 23 skiddoo! )
    -silver armageddondillo
    -alpha atat
    -interrogator droid (the ball that drops in times sqaure?)
    commtech droideka
    applause droideka
    np: cole porter's "just one of those things" (sung by bryan ferry) and "night & day" (desk set rendition- katie hubcap on vocals, spencer on bongos )
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