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    Smile Orange Handmaidens Now!

    I've waited since 1999, and I can't wait any longer. Like the Doobie Brothers, I'm "takin' it to the streets!" It's high time that we get some 3 3/4" royal handmaidens in those neat orange gowns! They probably ought to start with Padme; she looked so svelte in her shimmering orange gown. Orange handmaidens might be good candidates for one of those 2 packs.

    Come on, who's with me? Orange handmaidens would be the perfect addition to any Theed Invasion diorama. With more battle droids running around all the time, they need some competition! And if they did make these, what accessories should they come with? I admit I don't have the answer there; hence, my 2 pack idea. Okay, what do you all think?
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    Talking I'll pass

    I'll pass

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    Thumbs up Count me in

    I am all for it. I also have been wondering why Hasbro hasn't thought of that. But, alas.......Hasbro isn't the smartest in the world. If they came with accessories I think they should come with some sort of tool or something handmaidenish...... I dunno..... But they should be well done if they are ever done. With some articulation and maybe soft goods?
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    I don't think they should make them with soft goods cause hasbro would only use some louzy stuff around their legs
    they should rather make them like theed invasion amidala
    and a 2-pack would really be great

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    Fear not, according to lists I pulled off a german Star Wars website, there will be a Queen's Handmaiden figure produced this year. She appears under E1 figures planned for 2002 on the list, for sometime in 2002. So, hopefully we might see her at Toy Fair, but since the focus is AOTC's for toy fair, probably later in the year.

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    I think if they made handmaidens, they would make a generic one rather than producing six slightly different variations. then you could buy six or whatever and call them, Eirtae, Yane, Sabe, Rabe, etc. but they'd be the same figure.

    But yeah! Bring 'em on!

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    I'd buy them. They are long overdue.
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    I agree with Rollo. That would definitely keep away the peg-warmer chance since - with the exception of Sabe - they did nothing.
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    All in good time,They'll come out one day but not "now" as the AOTC product is there main thing for this year
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    I'd buy a Padme one, though I'd probably just buy 3 of that rather than several different characters in the same costume. The basic point in Ep 1 was that Padme was fairly generic in that group anyway, so I don't think the others need handmaiden figures. But a Padme one would be cool, especially if it came with a blow-apart astromech or something.
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