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    Artoo or Threepio?

    If you could have your own personal droid, but only one, which type of droid would you prefer to have? An Artoo unit or a Threepio protocol droid?

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    Hands down, R2.

    Great resources and abilities this one has .
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  4. #4 I could do international(intergalactic) business and make more $$$$$$$$$

    Then he and I would build an R2 unit!
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    R2 for sure.
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    Artoo, no contest.
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    Could probably fix my car if it breaks down.
    Certainly less annoying
    All his gadgets would come in handy for household repairs
    Holographic projector would be great for showing home movies

    Would burn holes in my carpet using rockets to get up stairs
    Probably can't reach anything in my car that would need fixing
    I can't understand a thing he says
    Very feisty

    Speaks many languages
    Huamn like design would make it easier to have him clean the
    Probably has a mute button somewhere
    Could sell gold coverings for cash to buy more star wars toys
    Very obedient

    A bit of a sissy
    Oil bath would take up large amount of room in basement

    After looking at the pros and cons, I'm going to have to go with C3PO. He'd just be more practical.

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    Artoo for actual tasks. Threepio for companionship.
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    Artoo has a bachelor's degree in Pimp.

    Threepio has a G.E.D. is cool.
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    Don't know how this thread can proceed ANY further without dropping the Deuce into the mix...

    I would take Twobers over ANYTHING else in the whole SW Universe- he'd keep your beer/pop cold and fresh (in that stomach container thingy), always has an encouraging thing to say, and would come in REAL handy whenever I manage to mangle myself

    He's make a pretty slick cook, too, I bet, being a medical droid he'd have a good handle on nutrition.

    And I also imagine it'd be fun to have little trivia contests with him, he HAS seen a lot after all... One vote for 21B!!!!
    Iso & Baws

    Caesar would pick C3P0 just so he could tell him over and over how much he dislikes him.
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.


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