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    5 Figures from Revenge of the Sith EVERYONE Agrees Should Be Made

    Some of you may remember the thread I started about the figures from Episodes I, II, IV, V, and VI that appeared in several most wanted polls. JediDefender announced its Episode III rankings today. There are three polls that included Episode III figures: Tycho's Top 20 from Revenge of the Sith thread, the Toyfare poll, and JediDefender's poll. KidHuman did not include Episode III in his polling as I don't believe it was out yet.

    Five figures show up in two of these three polls, no figure appears in all three polls:

    1. Queen Organa (Tycho and JediDefender)
    2. Padme with her hair in buns (Tycho and JediDefender)
    3. FX-6 (Tycho and JediDefender)
    4. 2-1B (Tycho and JediDefender)
    5. Pamde at her funeral (Tofyfare and JediDefender)

    I was surprised Owen and Beru did not make JediDefender's Episode III list, but they both made JediDefender's Episode II list.

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    actually none of those have any use as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't buy any of them. I'd rather have a new and different Veractyl. or a Mustafar lava flea. Or a Felucian Gela grub.

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    Hmmm. Depends on your definition of everyone, I guess. I'd like the FX6 droid and Padme in buns, but the rest not so much.

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    If Evil 2-1B and FX-6 were up to the same level of quality as the POTJ FX-7, then sign me up.

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    might buy them if they looked good and weren't rehashes or frankenstein figures. Myself, I would rather see:

    Emperor Palpatine in a Soft Goods Salt and Pepper Robes
    New & Improved Battle Damaged Darth Vader with Medical Capsule
    SA Yoda and no I don't count the VOTC version as SA
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Three Padme figures (one of her in death at that) and two droids? Not very exciting. The droids could probably be done cheaply by Hasbro, simply by repainting the existing molds, but medical droids don't carry the "iconic" weight of protocol droids or astromechs; thus they probably wouldn't sell all that well in most markets, I think.

    With the exception of the Emperor figure mentioned above, Ep.III is covered for new action figure sculpts.

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    I'd get the 2 droids, but no thanks to the other 3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Fossil View Post
    The droids could probably be done cheaply by Hasbro, simply by repainting the existing molds
    If Hasbro did that, then nevermind I don't want them.

    They'd have to be 100% new molds on par with the POTJ FX-7 and vintage-style IG-88, otherwise they shouldn't bother.

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    I would get the droids and fake preggers dead Padme.
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    if anyone should be made into a figure from ROTS, it needs to be Sio Bibble from the funeral. i still remember my brother and I cheering when we saw him at the end of ROTS, and of course it was durning a downer moment in the film. oh well, bring on the Bibble.
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