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    Main character figures we still need - take 2

    I started this thread a few years ago, and I think it's about time for updating. You can merge them if you like, but I wanted to give this newer one more exposure, if you will, by putting it in the newer section.

    In the past three years, we've seen more and more resculpts and repaints than ever before, with several of the figures on the original list being completed. But which ones do you still want to see?

    My list, at least:

    Luke Skywalker
    *Tatooine - they all still suck. They should just start over. The head is always terrible, as it either looks nothing like him or is too big or something. His tunic is an odd duck since it would be nearly impossible to recreate the fabric under his arms (they're not like regular sleeves) without using soft goods, and we all saw how well that turned out. I like the articulation of the TAC Luke but his elbows look ugly and stick out like sore . . . elbows. At any rate, we need a correct-height (about like the Early Bird one), super-articulated version with a good face.
    *Stormtrooper Disguise - Hasbro could easily take the Comic Pack version and redo it in normal colors (essentially taking the head and putting it on the TAC Stormtrooper) but it looks too tall. If they wanted to base it off of the current body they could just shave a little bit off of the lower torso part and do something with the legs and arms; the armor is still going to be the same size but just fit poorly.
    *Yavin Ceremony - I like the look of the current one, but his stupid face is too pale. I wouldn't mind a repaint, and they could put in a pack with the others from this scene or even as a Holiday Special thing.
    *Snowspeeder Pilot - start all over. I also wouldn't mind a better X-wing one as I'm not too fond of the VOTC version.
    *Bespin - the VTAC one could stand a new head, but it's not necessary.
    *Dagobah - I think the current ones are fine, but I wouldn't mind a kitbash with the legs of the Bespin VTAC figure and the torso, arms, and head of the new Comic Pack version for more articulation.
    *Medical Frigate - not very exciting but still somewhat important. He'd be cool to see with open and closed arms.
    *Death Star II - the new one's joints are too big and he needs a black glove.

    Han Solo
    *ANH vest - the VOTC one is nearly perfect, though I would like to eventually see it retooled with a holster more like the one seen on Garindan.
    *Yavin Ceremony - if the upcoming Lando's vest can be repositioned over his collar, then use that torso; if not, just sculpt a new torso for the VOTC Han and give him new lower arms so his sleeves go down farther.
    *Hoth - use the VTAC one's body and give him a hood.
    *Bespin - the torture rack one looks pretty killer, but they could re-release him with a more neutral head.
    *Carbonite - the TSC one was good for Jabba's skiff but not much else. Both blocks have been less than stellar, though the first one was a little bit better. He could also use more articulation.
    *ROTJ vest - they realized on the VTSC figure that Harrison had gained a few pounds and made his torso fatter, but they didn't do that for the rest of the body. Use the same torso, give him new arms and maybe legs, and a new head that looks more like he did in ROTJ.

    Princess Leia Organa
    *ANH - the buns have still never been done properly, nor has her face (the Early Bird sculpt was pretty good but inhibited by the hood). Just start all over and giver her more articulation.
    *Yavin Ceremony - she looks way too tall compared to the newer Luke and Han, so fix that.
    *Hoth - this one could use a new sculpt in the more accurate scale.
    *Medical Frigate - the last completely new Leia outfit not yet done . . .
    *Jabba's slave - as I said before, they should have one that can lay down.
    *General - the POTJ one's too tall, the VTAC one's too short and has a weird neck. I don't think we need another one but I wouldn't say no.
    *Ewok gown - the other ones are too tall.

    More later.
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    Personally i think first we need a new C-3p0, one with snap on armor, or just a SA 3p0 with pull aprt limbs like in the bespin scene.

    R2-D2 needs a update as well, though i dont know how that could happen... or what it should be like, maybe with snap on gadgets or something like he used in the movies.

    ANH-I liked the vintage collection though he does need a new head and a new utility belt since that one isnt very sterdy.

    X-wing/snow speeder pilot- i have yet to find a Vintage collection one so i have no opinion on that one. though pics of it looked very good.

    Yavin Ceromony-i didnt like the head, but the figure other than that is decent. Though i thnk it's a pointless figure to have.

    Dagobah luke needs to have a SA treatment done, with cloth basckpack, and lightsaber peg hole on his belt for a hilt. Maybe a few stackable stones!

    Bespin luke- im all about the vintage one. great figure.

    Medical frigate luke- could be cool, though i'd have to see it first before i purchased it.

    ROTJ luke-Cloth robe, brown robe, SA, hilt on belt, no gimmicks please! did i mention SA?

    Endor Luke just like ROTJ luke but with a cloth poncho, and a removeable helmet.

    I've liked all the Hans thus far, so i got to real comment on him.

    Leia's i think they just need to start over with her...I've hated every Leia they have done.

    Lando needs a SA general's gear with cloth cloak.
    A remveable helmet skiff gear thats SA as well
    Lando in storm trooper disguise would be cool as well
    His vintage collection bespin was a great figure, so no change needed there.

    A SA Palapatine with cloth robes would be great as well.

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    I would like to see a more articulated C-3PO, without the vac-metalized coating. This doesn't mean that I want anything similar to the drab C-3PO that came with the Escape Pod in the Saga line. There has to be some kind of happy medium that would create a movie accurate, not too shiny, metallic look.

    Same with R2-D2 and his dome. I don't like the idea of snap on tools for R2, however, since they usually result in annoying holes or removable front plates that compromise the look of the figure if you just want to display him normal. I just think a really good, clean version of the figure using the current (non-VOTC) body would be the last Artoo we ever needed.

    The Torture Rack Han looks too much like an SA version of the POTF2 figure. He's waaaay too buff for Han Solo. So I'd like an SA Bespin Han who doesn't look like a steroid freak.

    Lando from the Ewok Celebration at the end of ROTJ would be awesome, how is it that I've watched this movie for over 20 years and never noticed that he was wearing a different outfit from his General uniform?

    SA DS2 Luke with the shirt flap down would be awesome.

    Endor Battle Han Solo, the kit-bashed body was terrible and you needed the trenchcoat to cover up the scrawny arms and legs. So, maybe a really good version of this outfit (trenchcoat optional) with an ROTJ-correct hairstyle.

    Ewok Celebration Leia, I doubt we'll ever see it, but it'd be great.
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    Since C-3PO's been brought up twice, I think proper TPM and AOTC C-3PO's that actually match the level of quality of the ROTS and Endor C-3PO are musts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Since C-3PO's been brought up twice, I think proper TPM and AOTC C-3PO's that actually match the level of quality of the ROTS and Endor C-3PO are musts.
    Gotta agree even though i hate 3p0, but he's a main character and a must for most displays and such. I liked the episode one version with his parts showing but i didn't like the fact he didn't have but like five points of articulation. Episode two-beyong threepio needs to be done, is the throne sitting threepio from ROTJ really one of the best threepioes to get? I dont see to many of them around here, but i was looking through my collection here lately and i dont have that many good versions of him other than the POTF2 removeable limbs 3po with the slides...

    R2, i to would like a shiny head, though i would like the gadget accessories because i would like to display him in certain scenes that he had gadgets sticking out of him, and so fourth, though all current versions of him like this (POTF2) doesn't have his thrid leg...which is a crock, so i think we need a r2 with gadgets, shiny dome and a retractable leg...

    I also never noticed Lando's change of costumes at the end of ROTJ that would be a cool figure. I'd like to have a few more lando's though with SA, since Lando has gotten the shaft with articulation over the years.

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    *ROTS - he was a little fatter and had a different face and hands, as well as a different gun (a smaller version of the cannon Yoda comes with). Not a huge deal but if they're looking for Chewies to do then this would be a way to go since I think he's been perfected for the OT with the variations on the VOTC figure.

    *TPM - as Chux said, we need new ones from TPM and AOTC. For this one, more articulation would be nice but I would rather see a more accurate sculpt, perhaps with an eye-out variant head and Anakin's flag.
    *AOTC - I think the best route would be to cast either the ROTS or the Ewok Throne figures in gray plastic and go from there, since the one with the Battle Droid head ain't cutting it.
    *OT - like bigbarada said, it would be cool to see one that's more "muted" in color since he was often not too shiny. Several recent astro droids have had this effect on their domes so why not apply it to a whole C-3PO, but in gold? They also need to do his elbow joints better (see R-3PO).

    *Droid Factory - if the opportunity ever came up in a Battle Pack or something, I'd like to see a non-dirty repaint of the TAC figure, still with the jets.
    *Invisible Hand - all his parts out, take one.
    *Clean - just a repaint of R4-G9. As a selling point, I'd love to see an R2-D2 packaged with the electrocution effect from R3-T7 to recreate the Jawa scene. Hell, give him a Jawa, too.
    *Post-Yavin - this one can also use the R4-G9 sculpt, but be painted like he's been through hell.
    *Extending head thing - they could retool the VOTC one to have either a longer, proper sensorscope (like on Hoth) and/or a slightly-pop-up lightsaber. Or just have a version with holes in his head for these, or something.
    *Endor Shield Bunker - all his parts out, take two.

    Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
    *TPM - do we need another TPM Anakin? I say yes, but just one - an SA version that has a pod racer helmet. If not, I won't be crushed.
    *AOTC Padawan - I hate the vinyl on the Evolutions figure, which otherwise is pretty good. Retool that, give him knees and a new face, and you're good on this one. Oh, and we still need one with a cloak that doesn't suck.
    *Refugee Disguise - the 2002 one is terrible, and I wouldn't mind a new one, but I'm not begging for one either.
    *ROTS - the Evolutions is pretty much the perfect ROTS Anakin. As a repack sometime down the road they should add red eyes, since the only version so far with those was a crappy mold that was hard to find.
    *Post-Mustafar Duel - either use the current limbless figure or start over, but he needs more realistic paint and a medical capsule. I'd also like to see mechanical legs and a new left arm that can plug in there.
    *ANH - take the tin/TAC figure and give him cloth upper robes.
    *ROTJ - the Evolutions one came close to being perfect but was hindered by not having the hand removable in the right place, so a quick retool will do the trick.
    *Spirit - though I prefer the Hayden version, I know many don't, so they should do a repack with the other head (as they should've done to begin with).

    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    *TPM - after the ROTS version, all TPM and AOTC ones look like junk. They can even reuse parts from that one here, and I'd like to see a version without a braid (like in the final scene).
    *AOTC - same as above; the Comic Pack version is close but upon inspection it's definitely more a Clone Wars figure than an AOTC one (coloring near the neck, tattered clothes, etc.).
    *Mustafar Duel - not necessary, but I think it would be cool at some point to see a repaint of the Pilot figure to have singed clothes like in the film. Or maybe not.
    *ANH - the VOTC one still sucks and he needs articulated knees and better elbows.
    *Spirit - I love the look of the upcoming Anakin, and would like an Obi-Wan to match (so he can have his hood up or down and be able to sit).
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    Luke Tatooine - couldn't agree more! This thing needs to be scrapped and started over from scratch. I think the Early Bird Kit's head looks the closest and it's hardly fantastic, plus hard to come by and the figure itself is lacking.

    Luke Stormtrooper - needs to be the right height.

    Luke Snowspeeder - hells yeah! This has never been done right.

    Luke Medial Frigate - would be nice after all these years, gotta have the arm gimmick though at least with a swappable forearm.

    Luke Death Star II - desperately need this!!!

    Han ANH - I don't really love the VOTC, I don't care for the head or the height, and the gun belt looks wrong. Needs a removable vest and could use better jointing and poseability. New gun would be nice too.

    Han Stormtrooper - the comic one has comic paint and isn't single-carded, plus I don't think the body really works for Han, I'd prefer to see a body more like the Tantive IV battle pack version.

    Han Ceremony - never been done, not a barnstormer but should be done.

    Han Hoth - sadly, we still need this. Gotta be able to sit on a tauntaun, and better poseability, the removable hood would have been nice as well.

    Han Carbonite - time to seal up the carbonite block and get it the perfect height. TSC was closed but coloring is melty and it's clear in the back. Plus, I'd love a figure that actually LOOKS like it's going to be frozen instead of just "here's Han in a normal pose as usual" - interchangeable limbs and head?

    Leia ANH - start over from scratch, include interchangeable hood-down/hood-up.

    Leia Yavin - start over from scratch, no more dolly makeup.

    You know what? Just every Leia except Boushh, even Leia Bespin Escape who is a great figure with near-perfect likeness has that wonky articulation.

    I'm running out of energy right now, will post some ORIGINAL ideas later. Here's some comments from the list though, as if I weren't enough of a jerk.

    I know Luke Ceremony sucks, but it's such a minor scene that at this point the only way I'd buy it again is if they shoved it in a battle pack with a new head.

    Luke X-wing I think just needs to have its colors fixed, the dye on the plastic is **** and the head paint doesn't work.

    Luke Bespin's head does need redoing, and his belt needs to accommodate a saber hilt.

    I am going to wait before saying we need Bespin Han, it could look good in person.

    So wrong about the POTF2 carbonite block being better than the TSC version, it's not even close to the TSC one. Rose-tinted nostalgia glasses, I guess.

    Han ROTJ does feel like it still has to be done but I can't see bothering, just doesn't feel "necessary".
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    So wrong about the POTF2 carbonite block being better than the TSC version, it's not even close to the TSC one. Rose-tinted nostalgia glasses, I guess.
    The POTF2 one isn't perfect; it's too wide and the likeness isn't great. However, the TSC one is too thin and short - place Han next to it, the figure's taller than the body in the block! I liked the POTF2 one in my younger days since you could actually put Han inside it, and I still think it's a better feature than "shine light through here and it looks like the block's melting!" Either way, we still need a better one.

    I forgot to mention Hoth Luke. I like the 2004 one but it could definitely use more articulation so it can at least sit on a Tauntaun.

    I also forgot to mention Chewbacca as Boushh's Bounty, as I still want one with the collar over his hair.

    Padmé Amidala
    As for her, I don't think we need any re-dos on her costumes. I wouldn't hate seeing, eventually, the Coruscant figure from the Episode I line re-released with newer paint and the cloak thing she had while she was actually talking to the senate, maybe in a pack with another senate pod. Other than that, I'd like to see all of them, but at least the purple TPM gown, the AOTC Palpatine's office dress, and the gold one from ROTS when she looks out at the Jedi Temple.

    *AOTC/ROTS - a more articulated one, if possible, would be welcomed. If they choose to go with cloth robes, then they need to add the hood.
    *ESB - his arms were longer in this one and none of the figures really show that. Also, the paint is often off in his face. I want one that does his chin/neck area well since articulation often fudges that part.
    *Spirit - like the new Anakin.

    *Senator - compared to newer versions, the Episode I figure sucks, but it's not so bad that we need a completely new version. What does everyone else think?
    *Emergency Powers - they still haven't done the reddish costume that he wears throughout the film and cartoon.
    *Creation of the Empire - I don't much care for the deluxe figure from 2005, partly because it's big and bulky and partly because neither of the faces are very good for this scene.
    *Senate Duel - the purplish/gray one, they need to make this badly.
    *ROTJ - I'm not really satisfied with any of these. The soft goods look terrible on the Evolutions one, so they should probably shy away from that. Sadly, the 1997 version is the best one.

    Lando Calrissian
    More articulation could be added to the Skiff Guard and General figures, but I think they're really great otherwise and don't necessarily need it. However, I wouldn't mind the General figure being released with articulated knees in a Battlepack or something.
    *Endor Celebration - the slightly different costume from the end.

    Qui-Gon Jinn
    Hasbro says we're getting an SA version next year, so we'll see how that turns out.
    *Funeral Pyre - I still want this one. Same for Vader, which I forgot to mention earlier.

    Mace Windu
    The TAC one was close, but no cigar. The face is terrible, I'm not a fan of the elbows, he needs to be able to sit, and the cloak should be bigger (look at the scene in AOTC where he threatens Jango; the sleeves are huge).

    Darth Maul
    The Evolutions one can, I think, be improved slightly, though if that's the last one then it'll be fine.

    Boba Fett
    *Publicity photos - a repaint/retool of the VOTC figure with the yellow wrist guards and circles on his hands.
    *ESB - a repaint/retool of the VOTC figure, with ESB colors and different waist armor.
    *ROTJ - in a pack or something, I want to see a Boba with a flamethrower (a la the McQuarrie version) and the rope that ties up Luke (somewhat similar to the 2002 Jango, but not as poorly executed).

    Jango Fett
    Now that we're apparently getting the one in plain clothes (finally!), we still need an SA version with all the bells and whistles. By bells and whistles, I mean an updated flamethrower, rope, and both jetpacks.

    General Grievous
    Hasbro told me that the next time they do Grievous, he'd be the correct height, so they need to make good on this. I want a cloth cape and SA, and if possible, arms that split.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    Endor Battle Han Solo, the kit-bashed body was terrible and you needed the trenchcoat to cover up the scrawny arms and legs. So, maybe a really good version of this outfit (trenchcoat optional) with an ROTJ-correct hairstyle.
    Problem with this one is Hasbro probably thinks the current one is just fine and will probably only rerelease that one from now on. I agree it wasn't a great figure. Pea-head, the same anorexic limbs as VOTC Han but with a bulky body this time. Horrible to us - fine for Hasbro.

    Standout needs for me are:

    - Tatooine Luke with plastic shirt for goodness sake, balljointing and, if theres any point in asking by now, a decent headsculpt
    - not too shiny C-3P0 and non-chrome dome R2-D2
    - definitive Bespin Han with a new head, enough with the VOTC mould
    - a decent ANH Obi-wan with plastic robes and hood down and a head thats properly proportioned and which isn't a stark pink.
    - Medical frigate Luke&Leia
    - a bespin Lando with the POTJ head, balljointed elbows in addition to VOTC articulation and a plastic neutral-pose cape
    - SA Bespin escape Leia with the POTJ head (NO BALLJOINT NECK I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH)
    - new scale Hoth Leia
    - ANH Leia with skirt made from same material as that of Agen Kolar in the ROTS line (might work) with SA and using POTJ 25th anniversary figure's head (again no balljointed neck)
    - snowspeeder Luke
    - Death star 2 Luke, preferably with saga jabba's palace head (2 versions flap up/flap down)

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    The ones I say would be:


    Hoth(04 was good, needs articulation)

    Medical Frigate


    Hoth(Blue Coat)
    Endor(VTAC Sucked)
    Jabbas Palace/Carbonite


    ANH - Hood down/up heads is a good idea
    Basically like JT said: All but Boucsshshshshshshcchscssch


    All But Endor


    End of ROTJ
    General outfit


    Endor Battle(all gadgets)
    Shiny Chrome head


    An SA for ROTJ/soft goods


    Articulated Spirit for ROTJ/ESB
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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