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    These should start hitting store shelves around August 2008...

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    I like the Clone in red, though the snap on armor is useless. Padme is overdue, but her face isn't my favorite. A nice addition she'll be nonetheless.

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    Padme is awesome...except for that feathery thing she's wearing. WTF is that? That better be removable (giggity).

    Jango doesn't look too bad either.
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    That's probably one of the nicest looking Padme figures I've seen. Might have to pick that one up depending on how the final version turns out.

    WooHoo! Jango! Does he look like he has removable armor to anyone else?

    That Rebel Trooper's head looks like a hamburger.

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    That Padme head may be the worst one they've ever produced.

    And the wolfman head is disproportionately huge.
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    wow, what happened to Padme? looks like an older version of her, if she was to actually live and not lose the will to live. the Jango figure looks good though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    That Padme head may be the worst one they've ever produced.

    And the wolfman head is disproportionately huge.
    That's odd, because I think it's the best one I've seen from Hasbro at this scale. But, it's just a hand painted prototype right now which is why she looks a little old, so I'm sure the final figure will look different when it's actually molded in flesh colored plastic.

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    Holy nuts, I think these all look great.

    I didn't expect to see a training Clone Trooper this year; I'll just take off the stupid armor and leave him be.

    Padmé's shoulder feather thing was from when she and Anakin had dinner and she ate the CGI pear. I'm assuming it's removable and she comes with "real feel action" but I'm not sure on the last part.

    From Jango's sleeves, lack of gloves, obvious snap-on shin armor, and separately-sculpted holsters, I'm guessing that this will finally be the "civilian" clothes Jango. Sweet! They probably just added all the extra stuff to him and the clone to make them more interesting to kids or something.

    Voolvif Monn looks pretty sweet as well; he'll go well in CW setups.

    The Destroyer Droid, while still not great, is better than I thought it would be. At least they got rid of his arm blasters.

    The Rebel Trooper . . . I've never seen that concept art, I don't think, and it looks weirdly out of place. Then again, so do all the McQuarrie figures, but I just don't remember seeing this one.

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    Clone Trooper (Training Gear) - Looks decent from what we can see through the lame snap-on armor, also theres a variant opportunity as there were also blue ones in the movie.

    Padme Amidala (Fireside Gown) - Not impressive, I think I'm the only bored by the thought of these types of Padme figures.

    Jango Fett (w/ poncho) - Appears to have bulky snap-on armor which just looks like crap, will probably look better without it. Also would've preferred a plastic poncho for him.

    Voolvif Monn (Clone Wars) - Cool.

    Destroyer Droid (w/ 1/2 shield) - Very nice, although the legs worry me. Hasbro mentioned it's made from the missile-firing Destroyer Droid which has legs that can't be spread out very far and warp easily. Of course, it's also a little heavier than usual because of the built-in launchers (even without the missiles inside), so hopefully this one should be okay.

    McQuarrie Signature Series - Concept Rebel Trooper - This reminds me of "Mom and Dad Save The World." Like, someone trying to look like an oversized version of one of those killer hopping mushroom creatures.
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