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    my worst buy

    I would have to say it was not what I bought but what I didn't buy.

    I had all three Max rebo band two packs in my hand ready to buy them and changed my mind because I figured I could just get them later.

    Almost as stupid as when I had a Shadows of the Empire Luke in my hands and put it down.

    When I reflect on these choices I have made it makes me want to beat myself in the head with a nerf bat!!!
    (Hey a real bat would hurt ya know!)

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    Fremore or less the same

    Had similar experience to Bill when it came to the AT-AT. Saw two of them in a Walmart one day and decided I'd get it later when funds were more abundant. To this day, I haven't found another.
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    Unhappy Insane Prices

    I can't believe the insane prices some people are paying fro the AOTC preview figure as well as the Lego starfighters on ebay. I saw an auction for the starfighter and the price was already up to $50.00. Sometimes I wonder if these people ever get out of their houses...........
    But in response to the highest price ever payed on a Star Wars item $30 for a Hologram Darth Sidious. I forgot that the price on the figure at the time was in pounds not Us currency. Oh Well. Live and Learn right.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    i would have to say i bought like 20 battle droid scout tanks so i could build a battle droid army. to my shock when i open them up to find out the arms didn't move.

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    There are plenty of "misses'' pretaining to me.

    I saw a bunch of Han w/ Taun Taun and Luke w/ Wampas at an FAO back when they first came out. They were like $10 more at FAO so I'd figured I'd wait and get them at Wal-Mart or something... I have yet to see them again.

    Same story with some of those later FF figs. I remember going into Target some morning, seeing the new figures, but holding off cause I wanted a video game instead. I have yet to get the Ewoks 2-pack, Ugnaughts and Biggs Darklighter...

    Same goes with the Max Rebo band pairs, although I did get a Max from EE a while back real cheap.

    The new rule of thumb is, if you see, and want it, get it, cause you won't see it again.
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    CommTechChip Reader at full price.

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    Mine involved the TPM "story" CD

    I purchased it thinking it would make a great addition to my OT "story" records. Boy was I ever sorry I bought that crap! It had OT score music on it and very little dialogue. It was mostly crap narration and clocked in at like under 20 minutes!!!
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