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    Angry Dumbest SW Purchase?

    As collectors (or scalpers/speculators ), I'm sure we've all been burned or bummed out by some deal we got. What're yours?

    I'd have to go with stupidly falling for the "well, you may never find it again" line and shelling out $35 for POTF2 Lando Calrissian. Ugh! One good thing that's come out of that atrocity; I have NEVER been burned since.
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    I remember when Lando was the figure that was hard to get. My comic specialty shop was selling him for $50 when he came out because he was so hard to get. Then a couple days later I went into Target and boom, they got in a whole shipment of Lando. There must have been about 30 of him to choose from. Ah remember the good old days when stores actually bought figures in massive amounts. Now we're lucky if they buy two cases. The most expensive figure that I bought was Zuckuss for $15 on ebay. No SW figure should sell for more than $20, even if it is rare.
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    The dumbest SW item I ever bought would probably have to
    be the AT-AT.It broke the next day and wasnt worth the $80
    something dollars.(I took it back,so no worries)
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    Hmm, would paying full price for most of the Ep 1 figures count?
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    I think I paid $15 bucks for that C-3PO that came out with the first new line. Not too much damage there. Oh, and the mini vehicle things, Obi Wan Sub and Maul with the battle speeder, I paid handsomely for on the internet only to find them A YEAR later at KB for like 5 bucks a piece. bastards.

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    I STUPIDLY paid $40 for a CUSTOM figure at a toy show. It was a Darth Vader w/ Removable Helmet, on a blue card. I thought maybe it was something new that just come out and bought it.
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    See, now I take a different spin to the "darn! I should've waited 14 months to get them at 50% off" idea. I don't consider my purchase of the POTF2 AT-AT for $79.99 when it first came out because I wanted one then. Same thing for the E1 figures, R2 carry case, Complete galaxy, etc. It's when I foolishly paid secondary market prices for things I should've waited for. I bought Brown Vest Jedi Luke for $39.95, but I hadn't seen him for less, and I haven't noticed prices lately. I don't regret that buy. I knew I'd wait for the Queen's Ship ($32, but minus one panel on the ship), so I've wised up a tad.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    I'd have to go with a Jar Jar frosted mug and some weird hasbro puzzle game!
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    Anything prequel!! (Sorry you know me just venting!! )
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    My 2 Ellorss Maddaks from an online source for $9.99 each. I could get as many as I want now for $4.99 at Target. I guess that's not so bad.
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