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    TRU Arena Encounter Battlepack has some pics of this thing. Kinda what we expected. The beasts make sense as does the Obi-Wan...the Padme makes sense, but should have been a retooled Saga Droid Factory and the Anakin...uh..craptacular repack!

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    if only they'd release a geonosian on an Orray to go with this. would fit a blister same as Yoda and Kybuck.

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    That ones an easy pass. It looks good in the display box though. Too bad they didn't try to upgrade the figures a little or at least throw in a big stone pillar (or 3) instead of the figures. I would have bought it and paid extra for that.

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    At least it's a good way for the throngs of people who missed it the first time to get an Acklay.
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    I like the box, but I'm also glad that there's nothing new here so I can pass.

    What a crap selection of figures: Obi-Wan Kenobi with "Don't Come In!" Action, Padmé Amidala with Ginormous Boobs and Tiny Hands, and Anakin "AAAARRRRRRGH!" Skywalker.
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    I already have everything in that box but I do have to say this was a good idea. Loads of people missed the Acklay the first time around and this is a good way to fill the order with everything!!!
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    I'll be passing on this set. All I need is the Reek, the rest I can live without. Also the $50 price tag is out of my limits
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    It really would have been nice to see this set a few years ago.

    However now that it is coming out, it's a let down for the figures included. There is a better Obi and Anakin, and a slight few modifications to Padme and there could be a definative version of her too. I agree with the Geo on Orray as well, plus at least 3 if not 4 columns. This set could have been knocked out of the park, but instead is more of the same.

    For me, it's like the Dagobah X-Wing and Tusken sets currently out. They are really clogging up shelf space in my area and I see the Geonosian set doing the same. About the only thing worth getting to SOME people is the Acklay. I was fortunate enough to get all the beast back when. However, I would have really considered this set if there were some fresh offereings. I'll give it one good note that it is nicely packaged. But that's not enough for me to plunk done $50 for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal View Post
    For me, it's like the Dagobah X-Wing and Tusken sets currently out. They are really clogging up shelf space in my area and I see the Geonosian set doing the same.
    I am always amazed how different stores can be from region to region. The one Toys R Us in the 30 mile radius of where I live can not keep any of their exclusives on the shelf. The Dagobah X-wing and AT-AT have been gone for months and I got lucky with the Bantha set finding one on the shelf when I made it out on the 4th of July.

    But I will be very interested to see if the Geonosian set will be a brisk seller or not. I can pass because I have all of the figures/creatures, but coming back up on holiday shopping and sitting next to the Interceptor and Y-Wing I have a feeling it will do well here.
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    I'm very happy this set only has repacks. I'm tired of having to buy a $50 package to get one or two new items.
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