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    Talking TIE Inceptor Finally out for our Needing Hands!

    Hurray! We finally get the ol TIE inceptor into our patient hands, and the Shmi Wave is right around the corner, what a fabulous month!! then in Noveber December, we will have too many toys to hunt than we can handle, with the deluxes, Zutton Wave, Wal-Mart Exclusives... Oh MY! Well we all know what our Christmas list is gonna look like...
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    Red face

    Yeah, hurrah, fantastic. The exclusives are coming. I can hardly contain my hatred for all the scalpers who will soon be gleaning the stockrooms for them excitement.
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    Not to seem like a scalper but, though I do not want one of these(as I have a vintage one), if I find one I am buying it so I'll have something to trade when the scalpers sweep up all of the TIE Bombers. They never made a TIE Bomber so I need one of those. Hopefully this will not be necessary, but I have learned to be cautious. So if you live in the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth), Texas area and you need a B-Wing (or depending on if I find one) TIE Interceptor when the Bomber comes out and you have an extra Bomber to trade, look me up.

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    Crap! Way back, in a moment of weakness, I pre-ordered a TIE Interceptor for $50 from Brian's Toys. Two of 'em even. What an idiot I am.

    Well actually the jokes on them, because the credit card I used is maxed out.
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    I have to say that's pretty funny. The card is maxed out. Anyway, I can't wait for some new figures. Shmi, Luke, & Vader are what I am looking forward to.
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