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    Female Neimoidian

    I don't think this one would warm pegs.
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    Yeah it would...
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    It's from the Star Wars : Dark Times comic series.

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    If they made this, it'd pegwarm hard, and then they could use it as a case against both Neimoidian AND female figures.
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    there's some neimoidians i'd like. Daultay Dofine and Tey How from TPM, The Neimoidian flight crew from AOTC and ROTS. I think Nute Gunray could do with a new figure. his ROTS costume possibly even a senatorial aide or a redo of the neimoidian guard in proportions that look right an with a head that looks vaguely Neimoidian and better articulation. slimmer. more detailed. I've never taken the Neimoidians or Duros to be a frivolous and carefree society and having a gogo dancing Neimoidia babe would be kind of at odds with what we know about the species and culture.

    besides, the neimoidians/duros seem like the kind of species that has ne gender differentiation. not so much hermaphrodites as a single sex. neither male nor female. each capable of laying eggs. and rearing young grubs. but with sentience enough to be able to choose to or not. kind of a hive mentality like bees. only smarter and flightless and stingless. as opposed to the ant/termite hive society of the geonosians.
    maybe there's one queen neimoidian like Aliens just a big egg factory and the queens only concern is that. leaving the hive smartest adults to run the hive.

    i keep saying hive but the bridge cities of cato Neimoidia remind me of the way bees or wasps will make a nest/hive that's suspended.

    I think i may be waffling. in essence no i don't think a female neimoidian would sell. however a semi clad Outlander club chick might. provided that scene ws explored with other figures too.

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    Magnetize, Magnetize!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MR. DADDYPANTS View Post
    that pic looks obscene.
    It does doesn't it?!
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    Tey How is the only female Neimoidian I need.

    That pic will haunt my dreams for weeks now. I can see it now: Jennifer Connelly walks in wearing a bikini, and she suddenly becomes a Neimoidian and tries to eat my brains!
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