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    Quote Originally Posted by tagmac View Post
    and I'm sure they'll fetch a pretty penny on ebay, but thanks a lot Hasbro, for not putting a limit on these!!!!
    There was a limit, at least on R2-KT. The site would only let me buy 2 (one for me one for another collector buddy.) The problem was, they started with less than 1000 and they went quick.

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    Hopefully they will pop up again. McLuke did and if 2006 was any indication with the 501st Trooper, they were readily available after being out of stock for quite some time. Keeping my fingers crossed. Can't believe I missed this yesterday. Was on vacaion all last week and checked my treo constantly day and night all hours and nothing. Yesterday back in the office swamped and didn't see they were available until 1:00 PM on rebelscum. Go figure.

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    I hope so....really angry about what happened at work yesterday, so a secod chance that actually lasts 24 hours would be nice.
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    More is more. Less is less, Twice as much is good too,
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    Quote Originally Posted by dindae View Post has R2-KT and speederbike up now.
    I didn't see the speederbike, but I ordered two of R2-KT. Thanks for the tip.

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    the speederbike was up when i got on the site earlier before. i added R2-KT to my cart and then when i went to add the speederbike, it kept coming up as an error. a minute later, it vanished from the site completely. i must have angered the gods.

    edit: nevermind, it's back.
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    Argh!!! Spending too much money lately... and this doesn't help; just ordered R2-KT and Shadow Scout Speeder Bike (I never purchase vehicles but this thing looks pretty sweet).
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    Awesome, just ordered my R2-KTs (one for me, one for someone else.) I kinda wonder how long they'll last with all of us buying two, but oh well, I've got mine.

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    As of now, HTS has both R2-KT and Obi/Yoda up for order (in stock on or around 9/03).
    "That's the best deal you're gonna get. I won't tell you you can save yourself, because you can't."

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    Still available. Just ordered my McObi/Yoda.


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