Friday Night is FIGHT NIGHT in The SSG Battle of the Machines!

In tonight's exciting contest it's The Cheater versus The Challenger in a rematch of the Boonta Classic!

"That's absolutely right and today we're seeing a great turnout from all corners of the galaxy!"

There's Sebulba's Pod Racer, a champion toy in its own right. Sebulba's racer features authenticly styled engines, an exclusive Sebulba racer figure, and a special surprise: a pop-open secret pannel that conceals a spinning blade that can cut its way through any competition!

And a great challenging entry: young Anakin Skywalker's Pod Racer - supposedly the fastest ever built! It features movie accurate styling, adjustable breaking flaps on the pod itself, an exclusive racing figure of Anakin Skywalker, and special remote-activated, blast-open directional vanes!

Choose the modern toy that you liked the most and keep coming back to see if your craft can make it to the next round!