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    Spoilers in the AOTC's Figure Section: A Discussion

    Ok, there is a pretty fired up discussion going on right now in this forum about spoilers and the figures. Some of you, have stated that it's ok to talk about the figures....but not the movie that the figures are from. This makes absolutly no sense whatsoever. Soon you'll be asking for us to only refer to figures in vague ways, like it's some giant X Files mystery. These are toys, for a movie that hasn't opened yet. Every one of the figures that we have seen so far has been ripe with spoilers. What do you want from Hasbro, to put the first figure waves on blank cards with the bubble covered with a giant cardboard insert that screams "Spoilers, do not open this figure until you've seen the movie."

    Seems to be thats what some of you want here. I do respect the right of anyone here to not to have to read spoilers. But attacking anyone that talks about them for being wrong to post them is silly. Noone is holding a gun to anyone's head making them look in the AOTC's figure forum. This forum is meant for to discuss the figures, as well as how movie accurate the figures are, and we have a right to discuss the movie if we want to. None of you are being made to read anything in this forum. If spoilers really bug you so much, stop reading the AOTC's forum, and don't buy any of the figures until you have seen the movie.

    You have free will, no one is making you come into the AOTC's figure forum, and no one is making you read these things. If you came here to see the images of the figures and to discuss them, you yourself are responsible for what you read and discuss. You are breaking your own no spoiler rules by doing looking at pictures of the carded figures, you are going against what Lucas and Hasbro has decided you shouldn't see until they show it. Whatever Hasbro has shown on their site, and on according to you is all you should know and have seen by now. Remeber, you're responsible for your own actions, if your putting yourself in a place that has a high level of spoilers and you don't wanna read them, dont go into that place.

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    Good point - well made.

    It is impossible to avoid discussing things about figures (other than 'he is green with tentacles out of his head') without some spoilerdom going on.

    Anyway, it was much more politely put than a similar initiative put forward earlier today.

    T-t-that's all folks
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    I agree with both of you.

    If you dont want to know about the figures,because they
    are spoilers in your opinion,then dont read anything.
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    I'll just post over at Rebel Scum. At least they cover all their liabilities and say that there are spoilers in the AOTC figure section.

    Problem solved.
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    Discussing figures is one thing. But to say, "this figure looks great! I can't wait to see him when he *insert part of the plot here*" is another.

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    Well seed JarJarBinks!

    I agree, if it's Episode 2 section with the movie's action figures, of course ther's going to be spoilers. IF you don't want spoilers stay out of the Episode 2 section.
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    Wow, the board is really buzzing on this one.

    As I said in the other thread, the only REAL solution to this would be if Sir Steve posted 2 sections 1 for AOTC figures with "spoiler" alert and one with "no spoiler" alert.

    Honestly, as the movie draws nearer the spoilers will only continue to gain momentum.

    I too agree that if someone wants to avoid spoilers they should avoid AOTC threads.

    Finding out that a Jango Fett figure will have a removable head, or whatever, will definatly spoil part of the movie. Some features on figures will serve as spoilers.

    What's more, if you read the card backs you will get even more spoilers. These are designed to give info on the movie!! As with the POTF2, Freeze Frame and EP1 figures if you remember correctly. Heck EP1 figs even gave away lines from the movie!

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    Accidents will happen...

    I would love to say that a solution such as the one you presented would work, but I think the larger percentage of spoilers are pretty much unintentional. I think that people get going on a subject and it happens to spill over into that "forbidden territory". You can't bloody well just type, type, type and then (accidentally) insert a spoiler and think Oh, bugger! Can't very well put that in here!!! guess I'll just delete this and head over to the SPOILER section. I just don't think it would work. I think the figures alone as well as the vehicles are spoilers... Anakin's got a speeder?? Zam Wesell's got one, too??? There's a Jango Fett?? He's got a Slave I??? WOWWWWWW!!!!

    We can all try our best, but I think a certain number of things some would consider SPOILERS are inevitable.
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    Seeing as how I am one of the people who started this, I’ll stick around to see how this discussion goes. But I want to make myself clear on this so there is no misunderstanding.
    Okay, I will give you that seeing some of those figures might give some things away (i.e. Count Dooku, I would hope most know what I’m talking about so I don’t have to say it). But even if I know about that, I don’t know what’s going to happen to him in the movie. And I’ll even go so far as to give you the R2-D2 thing (again, I’m not going to talk about it), because it’s not really that big of a spoiler for the movie and wouldn’t ruin the end.
    However, if someone tells me that someone is going to die, YES, that will ruin the movie for me, it would basically give away the ending. I would know who’s NOT going to be around in Episode 3. So why would someone have to relay that information in the TOY section? What does the death of a character have to do with the toys themselves? Or (if someone ever said anything) what would the ending of the movie have to do with the toys?
    Hypothetically, let’s say we were anticipating the release of the Empire Strikes Back. And we were waiting on the toys. Okay, so say someone knows that Luke will be wearing the Bespin outfit and says something like: “I hope we get a Bespin outfit Luke.” That really wouldn’t give anything away. But then you have people saying something like: “I hope we get a Bespin outfit Luke with his hand chopped off right after Darth Vader tells him that he’s his father!” THAT would give something away….obviously. How does telling people that Darth Vader is Luke’s father having anything to do with the toys themselves? (And I know I’m probably setting myself up for people saying: “Darth Vader was Luke’s father? You ruined it for me!”)
    So, to sum up, how does telling about the death of a character fit in the toy section? Or the ending of the movie? Or maybe even the entire plot line? How does something about the FILM – that has nothing to do with TOYS – fit into the TOY section?

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    Re: Accidents will happen...

    Perhaps we should ask Sir Steve to post a sticky thread here in the forums for all the people that don't want to read spoilers. Just a quick warning notice to all that since this is an E2 toy discussion that there will be spoilers in many of the threads. And that if they don't want to see them, that it might be best to avoid this section until May 16th when the movie opens.

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