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    The Ralph McQuarrie Concept Art figures...

    If another thread has been happening for these, please feel free to remove this one...but I didn't see one so...

    While out and about today, I saw all three of these figures out they are showing up again....

    I thought I'd show this line some appreciation...I'm really loving I've attached a gallery of the following ones that have been out in retail so far and added my comments...

    The Imperial Stormtrooper

    The Stormtrooper was released a few years back as part of the Saga line and it proved extremely popular. And no's a solid figure, stands well and has unique accessories including a different take on the familiar lightsaber and a shield along with his sidearm. This new release sports a more intense and thorough paint deco and since it is an older figure it doesn't sport the extra articulation that many of today's figures do but it's still a great representation of McQuarrie's take on this Imperial grunt...


    Han Solo's sidekick had a decidedly more sinister and intense look in his early incarnations...he even featured clothes! With his pointy ears and yellow eyes, he isn't quite the cuddly giant we all know....
    The figure is fantastic...features great detail and articulation, two weapons and stands well. His look varies a bit from the concept art but still presents a fine interpretation of McQuarrie's vision of the wookiee...

    Boba Fett

    The mysterious Mandolorian was the first new concept creation from McQuarrie for The Empire Strikes Back. It's interesting to observe his all-white appearance here in his early form resembles the Stormtrooper...and later (or earlier!) he becomes the template for them in the saga! And here was our first visual clue all those years ago...
    The figure is another triumph...fully articulated for a range of posing possibilities, great detail, and two helmets illustrating the different stages of development. His lower chestplate swings open to access even more gadgets and his "flame" slides snugly in place. An excellent addition to this McQuarrie gallery...

    I also have gotten the convention exclusives, Luke Skywalker, Artoo-Detoo & Threepio, Obi-Wan & Yoda...but I haven't opened them yet.

    As an older fan, Ralph McQuarrie's concept art is one of the most significant pieces of Star Wars history and memorabilia to the long years between the original movies (before we had the Internet and the endless stream of spoiler-filled fansites), his paintings kept the spark alive and created great anticiaption for the next chapter.

    It is really cool of Hasbro to acknowledge his contribution to the saga with these great figures!

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    My only gripe is giving Ralph McQuarrie credit for Joe Johnston's work with the Boba Fett figure.

    I wouldn't mind seeing the concept series expanded a bit, especially since we didn't get a single concept figure from ROTJ. McQuarrie didn't do all the work, Johnston, Phil Tippett, Nilo Rodis Jamero and many others were just as responsible for the look of Star Wars as ol' Ralph.

    I would also like to see a figure of the "furry human Jabba" from ANH, the actor they replaced with the crappy CG Jabba.
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    They talked about the Joe Johnston thing with the Fett figure at the CIV panel on the Art of McQuarrie book, apparently that's mostly Ralph's work and Joe's work takes it beyond that with the poncho and such, but the figure IS based on Ralph's work... and his favorite figure in the series.
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    I agree, it's a great line. When I was a kid, I loved looking through those mass-produced portfolios of McQuarrie's OT concept art. Still have them too.

    It's frustrating that the line has been sabotaged by Hasbro's decision to make half the figures exclusives. I no longer support figure exclusives and am personally boycotting them altogether.
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    yes boba fett is awsome
    does anyone have info on the luke?
    his lightsaber, is is all together or seperable?
    does his mask come off?

    also have you seen the concept grievous?

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    I'll have to check on McLuke's saber but I can tell you right now that the mask is removable. However, the two hoses connected to the mask are connected to the back, if i recall correctly.

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    The thread in this section titled "McFigures" has covered this topic. Feel free to merge this with it, and then delete my post here.
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    Luke's saber blade comes off, but leaves a small, clear yellow plug sticking out of the emitter end of the hilt.

    The mask/backpack is removable, but you have to take Luke's head off first to get them completely off, his head is slightly too big to slip the mask by.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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