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    New Endor Bunker Battle Pack?


    Endor Bunker Battle Pack

    Endor Han (VTSC Endor Han, minus Ponco)
    AT-ST Driver (Han AT-ST version w/ new head)
    Scout Trooper (VTSC Version)
    Stormtrooper (Battle Worn w/ green brown highlights)

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    See, this is what they should put the 'All-Doors Open Fried R2-D2' in.

    It would be a nice new figure to offer along with the others. Plus it could easily be costed into the mix, at least in my mind. And due to the doors open, meaning a lack of 'Play Factor' for kids, it wouldn't sell quite as well on a card.

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    Meh, would buy it for the army builders on clearance.
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    I think I'd buy this without waiting for clearance, myself.

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    The Chewbacca looks a little weird . . . at first I thought it was the VOTC head on the ROTS body but it looks like it's the Bespin Escape one painted lighter. Han's skinny arms look junky without the coat, but I like the army builders so I'll probably get this set.
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    The pea-head is the worst thing about that Han figure followed closely by the anorexia. Ms.Anorexia Solo is the name. The saga endor raid han was preposed and blighted by an action feature but at least the proportions were right.

    I've no obvious need for this, unless they're making it a big battlepack and putting in the POTF2 bunker with it. Never did find that.

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    this set sucks and I'm not touching it with a million mile long pole.. and that is all i will say.

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    Boxed pics!

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    Wow. Nice! Wonder what the darker Ewok's name is?


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