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Thread: Rollerball

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    This movie looks horrible. I refuse to go see it. Sometimes remakes should never have been remade. It was supposed to come out Summer 2001 and got pushed back. It would have totally flopped during the summer, and since it isn't doin too well right now, perhaps they sensed this.
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    I gotta agree with sithdroid, and must disagree with you, stillakid. Sure, you're right about TPM, who would argue.......? But you have to admit that most films, these days, are easy to peg after having seen the trailer. Hollywood is so predictable, most trailers give you more of the film than anyone would ever need. Take "I am Sam" frinstance. The trailer alone made me want to die right in the theatre. Such ridiculous bathos; so many scenes seemingly balanced on a single stereotypical quirk or attitude; the whole project seemed as if it had been calculated down to the last heartwarming amp (or whatever unit hollywood measures heartwarming-ness in these days). The entertainment industry,overall, has been degraded to a point where, IMHO, 95% of all mainstream film reviews should contain the words "trite", "insulting" or "obligatory", and it shows even in the commercials. I won't be seeing rollerball. I saw "collateral damage" on saturday though, and boy, what a film!(if somebody starts a thread, I'll respond hah hah hah hah)
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    I'll agree with you on the trailers. I am rarely surprised by anything that I see in the theater. The trailers are usually so "well done," meaning they tell me what the movie is going to be like, that I know what to expect, good or bad.

    With Rollerball, we had all been primed for a less than perfect film, so I went in expecting such. I primed myself for holes, allowed them to "pass through me," and allowed myself to enjoy everything else it had to offer. I went in looking to have a good time and wasn't disappointed. Sometimes you just have to "let go," and enjoy the moment.

    I wanted to add Charlie's Angels to that list above of silly popcorn movies that I enjoy as well as Independence Day, Speed, and others of that ilk.

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    if as many people went to see rollerball as have responded to this thread, it would beat harry potter!

    you know what film really sucked? "Captain Corelli's Mandolin".
    it took me three days, but i finaly watched the whole thing. and rollo, thanks for calling penelope cruz a "horse face". i think she's hot, but everytime i saw her, i thought "horseface". thanks rollo YOU BLEW IT FOR ME!(read in your best de nero voice):happy:

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    She does kinda have one. Thanks Rollo. I always thought she looked weird too. Now I know why.
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    Just trying to spread the word and debunk the myth that she's hot.

    Seriously, when she comes on screen, my reaction is "GAAH! "

    Captain Correli surely did eat.

    Trailers give away the whole movie usually. I've figured out the plot to What Lies Beneath, and more recently John Q and Hart's War based on their trailers.

    Either that or the trailer is so antithetical to the film that it makes the film suck (Angel Eyes and Random Hearts).

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    Random Hearts. Ah, a movie not worth remembering. I saw that in the theatres and boy did I want to walk out. Talk about boring and lame.
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    I never saw Random hearts, but I did see rollerball. This movie was bad. Not terrible, not horrifying, just bad. It did absolutely nothing for me. I like the night vision shots for about two minutes then it just became annoying. The film was bad, and the end was horrible.
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    Originally posted by derek
    rollo, thanks for calling penelope cruz a "horse face". i think she's hot, but everytime i saw her, i thought "horseface". thanks rollo YOU BLEW IT FOR ME!(read in your best de nero voice):happy:
    I have had similar experiences. I've never been haunted by the Nat Portman potato slur, but for me that term, "horseface", ALWAYS precedes Penelope Cruz in print. It's a shame because I think she's beautiful! I liked her in Vanilla Sky.

    And Jason Lee

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    I totally don't see the appeal Ms. Cruz has been recently gaining in the public eye.
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