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    The Ewoks look great and loads of custom paint potential there!
    Tycho is an ok fig.
    I don't really need an R2, but the neting and other accessories are what's going to get me to buy it. Sure I could probably buy stuff like that for cheaper, but then I'd have to put it together and I'm feeling lazy...
    I can see concept Han customs already. I'll get two of this fig. (1carded, 1 loose)
    I actually dig the Spirit Anakin. Though I don't like the frayed edges of the material, that's an easy fix with scissors. I think I may just get two of him when I was only planning on one before.

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    Tycho and the Ewoks look sweet carded. The TAC rules, plain and simple. I can't believe I ever doubted that card design.

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    I like the personailty they gave to the face sculpt of the A-Wing Pilot. Much better than the usual blandness of Rebel pilots. I'll get one of those, one of the concept Han, and the Ewoks.

    Anakin and R2 are both easy passes for me, though they both look great carded.

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    Ditto here...A-wing Pilot, han, and the ewoks are the only ones I will get. The R2 is tempting with that HUGE cargo net, but I am going to pass. The Anakin spirit figure looks great, but I have been cutting back on star wars I will probably pass.
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    Anakin's Spirit looks like butt on a taco shell.

    The Ewoks look okay, but (and I can't be 100% sure of this) it looks like the heads and one hand were the only parts not reused between the two of them.
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    So that's what Tycho's namesake is going to look like up close. Why he's just a kid.
    This wave looks outstanding. I'm glad they went with Harrison Ford instead of this Italian Hercules Han Solo look though.
    That sheer material for Spirit Anakin looks like a**. Hope they come up with something better. Though an easy fix like Sal said.
    for this wave.

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    Will definitely get the Ewoks and Han Concept, will probably pass on the rest.
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    I like the accessories that come with R2-D2, would work well with the Ewok Village.
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    I really like all five of these.

    At first it looks like the Ewoks have the same body, but it looks like their pelvis areas are different (look at Romba's knife holster). I love their ball-joint shoulders and Graak's little arrows.

    I'm a little disappointed that they haven't fixed Tycho's helmet. I wonder why the straps are positioned like that in the package? I can see that part being removable for the purpose of fitting him in a ship better, but that's just weird.

    I don't like how Anakin's robes are frayed; that always gets worse when you pick up the figures. And even in the afterlife, they can't get his saber correct.

    I didn't know that R2-D2 was going to come with the piece to carry him (either that or I just forgot), but I'm very glad. That net looks sweet. They should've used the R4-G9 mold but whatever.

    Concept Han looks cool, like all the others.
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