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    Obi Wan Kenobi In Clone Armour.

    Come check it out, its a custom Figure.
    NO glue and has full articulation, plus it looks awsome

    Let me know what you think, please leave comments in this thread.

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    That is cool! He looks more along the lines of the new CGI Clone Wars cartoon outfit huh?
    Watch Hasbro kit-bash something just like it when the new Clone Wars comes out.

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    well thank you very much
    yah i can wait to see it!
    i plan to do some more, maybe anakin or mace.
    do you have any customs?
    if u do id love to see some

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    No, I haven't done any yet. (well other than dressing up Thrawn in Veers gear ha!) But I admire others who do. Obi-Wan in Clone Gear is one of my favorite characters.
    I was looking at Clone Wars Vol. II and other than maybe a white belt which you could probably get off a Clone yours is right on the money.

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    It is a nice looking figure. Pics are a biut blurry but it gets the point across. I have only ever did one custom. I took the Obi-Wan and Alpha comic pack and put JAngos head on Obi's body and took Biggs cape to make a Jango Jedi. Its a simple one, but adds depth to a scene like the Geo Battle with all the generic Jedi around.
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    wow i was pretty close, hmm maybe ill add a belt of some sort
    ill try cutting off all of obi wans stuff and the take a clone belt and glue it on.
    well i have to say your thrawn looks pretty kool and intimidating
    originally i was just gunna take commander codies body and put obiwans head on it.
    but i like this more

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    Any one else out there with some neat customs?
    No restrictions, just SHOW!!!

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    Unfortunately the pics are kind of blurry but even then I can tell that it came out really, really nicely! Much better than Hasbro's attempt at Obi Wan in clone armor.

    Please continue making more customs and posting them here!

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    well ill try! any ideas?
    im trying to get a mace windu but i need more clones.
    i dont want to destroy my army after all!

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    very very nice, was thinking about doing that too, but ended up just transplanting an obi-wan head onto a clone body


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