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JT's sooo cool that he's got tennis balls on the front legs of his walker.
Front *AND* back! That's 4-wheel-drive baby! Even the Rascal only has 3 wheels!

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happy birthday trixie!

(i figure this is the only time i can get away with calling you that)
Not even then.

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JT, you old? Ha, I heard you were listening to Lincoln giving his Gettysburg address speech in your teens! Happy Birthday Old Man!
You do know you're a decade older than me, right? What does that say about you? I bet you voted against President Washington!

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I was expecting JT's review on his Darth Maul birthday cake. While it isn't as wordy as JT's review would be, I imagine it would look like this...
Niiice, good job! No way that cake was a B though, C+ at best, Maul cakes always taste funny because of the ridiculous amounts of food coloring. You lift that from my SW:TF Maul/Sith Infiltrator review, yes?

Anyway, thanks again guys, I really appreciate it. Oh, and Happy Birthday (belatedly) to Jedi Master Sal who shares my birthday, as well as scruff whose birthday is today, and Caesar whose birthday is tomorrow... wait a minute, you bastages are stealing my thunder!