Thanks for the awesome birthday greets guys!

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Have a happy day, JT!
Hope your B-Day is special!
It wasn't, but thanks the same!

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Congrats. Thanks for all your hard work around here.
Or am I "hardly working"?

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May your buffalo be spicy and your blue cheese cool and creamy.
Dude, I dunno why, but that was probably the most awesome birthday greeting ever! Now I gotta go out and get me more of those Doritos.

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Happy Birth Moment JT!
The weird part is you actually posted that within a few minutes of the time I was born, 10:07pm PST. Freaky.

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Have a great Birthday JT, even though we have yet to see a picture of you to prove you exhist. You are most likely Bigfoot, so we will just have that image of you as you eat your cake. Yep, big ol bigfoot JT with cake crumbs in his hair.
I can't even grow a proper beard, it always comes in sideburns and goatee at best. Maybe for my next birthday I'll get an authentic beard in a can.