Thanks for all the birthday wishes, gang!

Happy Birthday to my birthday-buddies JEDIPartner, InsaneJediGirl and Jedi Master Sal!

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Many years ago today something grew
inside of your mother...
That thing was


Happy DethDay JT!!


DethKlok- good for ANY occasion
Awesome! You are the 2nd person to send me that on my birthday too! And the best part, on my online SW Battlefront II game, I play under the name "W. Murderface"!

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Happy birth moment JT.
12 hours off, almost to the minute.

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Happy birthday! I can't wait to read the scathing review of all your presents!
I got the Falcon and a PS3 with GTA4, so not expecting to scathe.

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Did you know that "JediTricks turns [insert number here] today" is an anagram of "Jay D. O'Edit turns tricks"?

There's my gift to you, JT.
Wow, that's just awful.

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Never mind the presents review, just imagine the review for his birthday party!
That actually didn't go well, but I don't really want to talk about it.