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    Battle Droids washing an AAT?

    Are those Battle Droids washing that AAT in the Trade Federation Battle Ship Hanger or what?

    It just looks funny. There's Pilot, Security, Commander, and Infantry Droids.

    Is there a Washer Droid?

    They seem to have a droid for everything.
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    Very cool Master Jedi,Thanks
    "I have a bad feeling about this".

    "Just when I remembered what it was,I forgot where I put it."

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    Its little things like this that make the Star Wars universe interesting.Oly if you can find them
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    Yeah, it probably looks like one of those droids that walked around the Naboo battlefield looking for Battle Droid parts and making a big pile to fix later...
    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.


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