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    How can you dream of a 12"-Fan's Choice Poll from Hasbro, when we cannot manage to get a 12"-section in the forums from Sir Steve? The thread to do that is now hidden in the comments/suggestions-section.

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    I would like a 12 inch fan choice. It woul dbe cool if they did it.
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    A 12" section would be GREAT. Why are'nt their any?

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    Re: 12"

    Vote for a 12"-section!
    Originally posted by JediTricks
    Vote on the poll so SirSteve can be absolutely sure and we can get this finally done:
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    We want a 12" Forum!!

    I vote YES.

    But I am a newbie

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    Newbie, oldbie, bumblebee, just vote! Everybody is welcome to give input on this issue.
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    1)"Ultimate" Jedi Luke w/ tunic, cloak, Endor gear, saber, Jabba's Guard's pistol, interchangeable right hands (gloved and ungloved).

    2)"Ultimate" Stormtrooper.

    3)AOTC Anakin w/ cloak

    4) AOTC Obi-Wan with cloak

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    I don't care what figure is chosen, as long as it's anatomically proportioned!

    I'm extremely picky about my 12" figures, as you can tell. It's that much easier to justify a 3 3/4" fig that turns out to be a dog, than to spend $35 on an immobile piece of junk that can't stand on it's own.

    And no more huge inarticulate lumps of crusty semi-flourcent goo like that TRU "Dewback"...


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