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    Star Tours (Disney Characters as SW Characters) Now Available

    Just a quick heads up for anybody who is interested in buying these, Rebelscum is reporting that the new Star Tours figures have shown up in Downtown Disney's 'Once Upon a Toy Store' in Florida.

    For anyone who doesn't know what these are, they are not action figures of the droids from the Star Tours ride (as was the case with the previous Star Tours figures). These are action figures of Disney characters dressed as Star Wars characters.

    The following 5 figures are currently available.
    • Mickey Mouse as Luke Skywalker
    • Minnie Mouse as Princess Leia
    • Donald Duck as Han Solo
    • Goofy as Darth Vader
    • Stitch as The Emperor
    Rogue Squadron-19 Golds, Battle For Naboo-18 Platinums, Rogue Leader-15 Golds/15 Aces, Rebel Strike-19 Single Golds/19 Single Aces
    James Boba Fettfield & Lord Malakite's Video Game Collection

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    They are available at Disneyland as well as reported by LA forumite BlueSnags.

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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    They are available at Disneyland as well as reported by LA forumite BlueSnags.
    ... in news chopper one.

    Do we have any photos of these alleged figures? Can you confirm or deny the accusation made by the Senator this morning?

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    Hopefullly soon they'll license Darth Freddy and Luke Eddy, the SW Shreddies..

    And hell, why stop there?? Let's see SW Crocs, and maybe collectibe SW Lunchable Cheese-Strings and maybe if they can pull it off some Star Wars collectible Pound Puppies... and maybe you favourtie Star Wars characters crossed over with news personalities- Darth Rather, Katie Couric Organa, Emperor Kronkite

    Seriously, sorry to vent but it would seem this whole deal is getting WAY outta hand. SW Disney is like making cheese-filed cheese with a plastic-cheese batter and then frying it in cheese, thanks GOODNESS I was born with a shred of common sense
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    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    I guess this is a bad time to tell you that Muppet SW figures are coming as well.

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    Although I do like these, and very much enjoy cheese ,
    I can say, at least these are only sold AT Disneyland. If you are going to Disneyland, you like Disney, then to ride the Star Tours ride, you like Star Wars. So a tie in souvenir is ok with me. Had these been everywhere, they would bomb and be clearanced like the M&M's stuff. (which of course I bought, but that's beside the point.)

    Fans can get them at the parks, over the phone, but they are not taking up space for other "legitimate" product.
    Fortunately, living in So.Cal, I was down there last week and went into the Park to get them. I got a Shopping Pass good for 1 hour, so I didn't have to pay admission. Got an extra Han/Donald to make a keychain.

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    I just bought these today. Thanks K M Toydarian for the heads up on the 1 hour shopping pass. I'd never heard of that until your post and Disneyland doesn't advertise it.

    I love stuff like this, I can't wait for the Muppets figs and the Potato Heads now.

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    Glad you were able to get them.
    I am sure glad Disney does this. It works out for them as it is pretty much free money.
    The potatoes are supposed to hit soon, I'll have to try and find out. Can't wait for those!

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    I picked up four: Mickey/Anakin, Stitch/Yoda, Donald/Han, and Goofy/Vader. Passed on the other six; they're $9.95 each. They're divided into Prequel and OT. Surprised there weren't any R2 or Threepio or Stormtrooper/Clone or Fetts. Yet. Wonder what that means?
    I predict that the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi film will include the word "and." Multiple times.


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