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    Clone Building Event episode 2

    I have a box from the 2002 Clone Building Event. I know it's quite rare but I never saw someone looking/asking for one. I also never swa one for sale on the internet.
    Is there someone who can tell me if there's a demand for this box (I also have some of the Clone Troopers and a chronometer to count to 60 seconds for the contest) and, if possible, what might it be worth?
    I don't know if I am really gonna sell this box, that al depends on for the prize but also the fact shipping to for the USA ( I think the demand will be mostly from the USA) cannot be insured anymore because of the security controls with opening of boxes to check the contents.
    If someone would like to see a picture please mail me <not all at once please ;-)> and I can give other details like measurement.
    Hope to learn more about the box and allready thanks to you all.
    with regards Ton Postma from the Netherlands

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    Slim chance but are you still looking to sell?

    I just found this post. Are you still interested in selling?


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