I joined in February of '02.

I had been married for 5 months at that point and we had already bought our house, so I guess the high points are as follows...

Most importantly, my son was born in August of this year

Gotten 6 more papers published in Scientific Journals (8 total now; 2 more being written)

Spent 1000's of hours doing community service work with the Jaycees and became a local chapter president and a state vice president (twice now).

Sat on the committee that founded the Citizens Corp Chapter in my hometown.

Got qualified by the Red Cross to operate an Emergeny Evacuation shelter.

Was named one of the 10 Outstanding Young Americans for 2007 by the US Jaycees (I'm the last one on the list)

Presented posters of my research at 2 major meetings of scientists in my field and at 4 lesser meetings

Got a job doing what I love to do (AIDS research) and which I seem to be pretty good at.

Took a bath every day (except maybe 2 or 3)