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    I joined in February of '02.

    I had been married for 5 months at that point and we had already bought our house, so I guess the high points are as follows...

    Most importantly, my son was born in August of this year

    Gotten 6 more papers published in Scientific Journals (8 total now; 2 more being written)

    Spent 1000's of hours doing community service work with the Jaycees and became a local chapter president and a state vice president (twice now).

    Sat on the committee that founded the Citizens Corp Chapter in my hometown.

    Got qualified by the Red Cross to operate an Emergeny Evacuation shelter.

    Was named one of the 10 Outstanding Young Americans for 2007 by the US Jaycees (I'm the last one on the list)

    Presented posters of my research at 2 major meetings of scientists in my field and at 4 lesser meetings

    Got a job doing what I love to do (AIDS research) and which I seem to be pretty good at.

    Took a bath every day (except maybe 2 or 3)

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    I've been lurking on the boards for the better part of 10 years (since the old "black and purple" days, as I call them. "Kenner" was an operative name in the title of the site in those days ).

    In that time have met some incredibly helpful and unselfish people on the boards (*tips hat to SirSteve, Jeditricks, Bel-Cam Jos, jjreason, mabudonicus, and Roo Jay*), who have helped me solve various problems; and lots of folks who just plain keep my spirits up (too many to mention here!).

    I watched my son cross the stage at his high school graduation ceremony a few months back.

    I've become an adjunct faculty member with our local community college which allows me to be an instructor in our law enforcement academy.

    I have had a hand in helping put 30+ murderers away from society in that time (can't argue with forensics!).

    Mrs. TI7 and I are closing in on our 25th wedding anniversary.

    I survived the post-padding controversy of old and cancer.

    I still relish being considered an "eternal padawan".

    ....and I actually came for the nachos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    I have had a hand in helping put 30+ murderers away from society in that time (can't argue with forensics!).

    I was framed!

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    Not a whole lot, but let's see . . . joined in November 2001 as you can see, but I was a member of the old forums as well. Since then, some good stuff, some bad.

    I started two separate movie/TV projects with two separate friends, only to have them fall apart for various reasons and never come to fruition.

    I made a short film and then a special edition of it from 2005-2007 (link in my sig line), along with a few shorter projects of the like for school.

    The two events above made me want to go into the film industry for my career.

    I guess I was in 6th grade at the time I joined this incarnation of the forums; I'm now in 12th.

    I joined the school newspaper and am now its editor.

    My whole family and I had a really terrible few months after my aunt was diagnosed with and died of cancer in late 2003.

    I've had only two girlfriends and should've had a third if not for some events that transpired in the past few days.

    My 15-year-old dog was put to sleep in March.

    I joined the vynsane asylum around a year ago, which should be an accomplishment in and of itself.

    I learned to play the piano from 2003-2006 and I am currently playing drums and teaching myself some guitar. I've also gotten way more interested in music than I was back then.

    I've more than doubled my amount of Star Wars stuff.

    Appearance-wise, I think I had a growth spurt right before joining and was around 6'2" in 2002 and am now 6'4" or so; I got my braces off after nearly five years in 2005; and now I have long hair.

    And, uh, I have more body hair than I did back then.
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    Lets see, I had to look up to see I registered in Jan 2002, Although I remember coming to SSG when the chat room was up and when Uncie Owen was a "guest"

    In Feb. 2002 my Granny died...Chatted with some great people here on SSG and gained two older "brothers" . In Dec 2004, I moved from my childhood home with my family to the biggest hillbilly state ever named. August of 2005 I got my GED(I was homeschooled like LT) and started Community College in October 2006(4.0!). As for this year, I would say without exageration its been the worst of my life for many various reasons(I hope to look back and either laugh or cry someday LOL ).

    On brighter notes, my collection has grown quite a bit, I saw the rest of the prequels and LOTR Saga in theaters. Grown up some, but I'm still about as immature as it gets. Oh, I also drank legally for the first time, but who cares about the law(enter Judas Priest riff). I'm also learning to play guitar, so far I've only got "Smoke on the Water" down, but I'll get there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi_Master_Guyute View Post
    OOOOoooooooooooo, I like the idea behind this thread, BCJ!

    Join Date: April 2002

    I remember joining primarily to chat about the AOTC figures that were released that month. At the time, I had just quit the technical school I was attending that February as I wasn't getting my money's worth. At that point, I was accepted to Ohio University that was starting that September. So, I initially had about a seven month period of downtime for working, partying, geekery and whatnot. So, I attended OU from 2002-2005, where I graduated and I am now attending University of Toledo for my Master's Degree where i'm currently taking three courses and teaching two. So, yeah, I got my undergrad, in the middle of getting my Master's. I've attended many concerts, did some traveling, had about 1-2 failed relationships, watched a few hundred movies, thousands of great hours with friends and family (a good share while intoxicated hehehe) and blown thousands of dollars on figures. .....all while my Cubs haven't won a World series.
    You forgot the best part to that story, meeting God (aka Lord Malakite).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Malakite View Post
    You forgot the best part to that story, meeting God (aka Lord Malakite).
    I was thinking about including something like that minus the "God" term. My original idea was, "having two classes with Lord Malakite and got to hear him do voice impersonations for his poetry."
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    Join date: 1-1-2002

    Since then I've gotten engaged, gotten married, graduated college, started college again and had twins. Life's pretty sweet.
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    Probably joined SSG in late 1999. December maybe.

    I've managed to stay with the same dude for 11 years.
    Helped train three guide dogs for the blind.
    Fired my entire blood relation family.
    Grown a lovely garden.
    Made a comfortable home.
    saved three people from suicide attempts.
    became teatotal
    discovered my achilles heel.
    learned to live with my failings.

    wouldn't have it any other way.

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    I joined in January 2005, mainly brought upon by Revenge of the Sith hype.

    I was a sophomore in high school then. I'm now a freshman in college. Life is a hell of a lot easier for me now. Since I joined, I had my first job (in early 2006 as a cashier at EB Games), bought an Xbox 360, had a girlfriend, inherited a car, took my SATs, got into college, and got my high school diploma. Not too shabby.
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