Forgot to mention that I passed a zero-in-the-ones-digit age threshold (check out my profile to see if you can guess at which one it is ) a few years back.

Decided that collecting SW did not require completeness, only interest and happiness.

Visited a doctor for the first time ever, who wasn't a dentist or on the day I popped out and into the world. Nothing serious, just felt it was necessary. ldandweak:

Have still held out against owning a cell phone or portable MP3/downloadable music player device.

Came to the realization that I'll probably remain single and not a father, uncle, or grandfather. (this might sound bad, but it's okay)

Voted in two presidential elections, and many other elections (there are more than just ones every four years, citizens).

In person, saw the Pittsburgh Pirates win a (actually saw three) regular season baseball game in which they won. Seriously.