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My information says I joined in August of 2003, but that seems off to me.
Well, the site was "re-booted," as the technology and hosting improved, we went through the "Action-Online era," and that sort of thing.

Remember the "purple boards?" (Message boards that were all in black (background) and purple borders.)

So back to the topic, in 1995 I'd already had experience with the CRS System of the government's. Then dial-up internet became the rage to train people on at my university and get put into every dorm room.

If you could search any topic, why not search "Star Wars" as that was one of the things I enjoyed most passionately? (I was already involved in politics online BEFORE Star Wars - if that helps explain anything).

I found the JediNet message boards. JediNet was a web-ring, or a homepage that linked many different aspects of Star Wars fandom and their message boards: the books, costumers, role-play groups, and of course the toys.

I met SirSteve online there, as his college homework assignment for his HTML class got noticed by the manufacturers in Hong Kong (China) and they admired his pictures dedicated to presenting the existing 9 figures, and sent him images of the next 7 (Luke Snowspeeder / Yoda / TIE Pilot wave). Steve started getting more site hits than the bandwidth at JediNet could handle. He had to go out on his own, and his younger brother, while annoying him, called him "Sir," and SirStevesGuide was born!

(Steve should be telling this story actually).

Anyway, I was talking with him online, and my JediNet book reviews got the notice of YakFace.com who invited me to join them. I was on a mission to prop-up the EU and I wanted multiple site exposure as all these fan sites started to proliferate, including Rebelscum, HuntersGuild, and CollectStarWars.com (the pre-cursor to GalacticHunter.com)

Shadows of the Empire only encouraged me more to press for EU figures, but YakFace was giving me very little support and I did not know HTML programming myself. SirSteve actually began to teach me. In fact, I learned more from him about computer programming than I learned in college. (Steve, if you're reading this, I'm actually still grateful - I just haven't said anything for a long while).

Well YakFace (and Rebelscum) got into severe competition with Steve - and things were bitter over news and especially image stealing. I wanted everyone to get along, but with Action Online interfering, things looked worse and worse for that happening.

SSG became more of a business, and I always looked at it as more my entertainment and a fan mania fest. Steve didn't need to be a looney fanboy when he had me around to cover that!

I offered my loyalty and support to him and left YakFace after only a few months, and I've been with Steve ever since 1996.

Yes the boards have been relocated, updated, etc. That is why many of us have profiles that say we joined in 2001 or something.