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    Quote Originally Posted by Droid View Post
    My information says I joined in August of 2003, but that seems off to me.
    Well, the site was "re-booted," as the technology and hosting improved, we went through the "Action-Online era," and that sort of thing.

    Remember the "purple boards?" (Message boards that were all in black (background) and purple borders.)

    So back to the topic, in 1995 I'd already had experience with the CRS System of the government's. Then dial-up internet became the rage to train people on at my university and get put into every dorm room.

    If you could search any topic, why not search "Star Wars" as that was one of the things I enjoyed most passionately? (I was already involved in politics online BEFORE Star Wars - if that helps explain anything).

    I found the JediNet message boards. JediNet was a web-ring, or a homepage that linked many different aspects of Star Wars fandom and their message boards: the books, costumers, role-play groups, and of course the toys.

    I met SirSteve online there, as his college homework assignment for his HTML class got noticed by the manufacturers in Hong Kong (China) and they admired his pictures dedicated to presenting the existing 9 figures, and sent him images of the next 7 (Luke Snowspeeder / Yoda / TIE Pilot wave). Steve started getting more site hits than the bandwidth at JediNet could handle. He had to go out on his own, and his younger brother, while annoying him, called him "Sir," and SirStevesGuide was born!

    (Steve should be telling this story actually).

    Anyway, I was talking with him online, and my JediNet book reviews got the notice of who invited me to join them. I was on a mission to prop-up the EU and I wanted multiple site exposure as all these fan sites started to proliferate, including Rebelscum, HuntersGuild, and (the pre-cursor to

    Shadows of the Empire only encouraged me more to press for EU figures, but YakFace was giving me very little support and I did not know HTML programming myself. SirSteve actually began to teach me. In fact, I learned more from him about computer programming than I learned in college. (Steve, if you're reading this, I'm actually still grateful - I just haven't said anything for a long while).

    Well YakFace (and Rebelscum) got into severe competition with Steve - and things were bitter over news and especially image stealing. I wanted everyone to get along, but with Action Online interfering, things looked worse and worse for that happening.

    SSG became more of a business, and I always looked at it as more my entertainment and a fan mania fest. Steve didn't need to be a looney fanboy when he had me around to cover that!

    I offered my loyalty and support to him and left YakFace after only a few months, and I've been with Steve ever since 1996.

    Yes the boards have been relocated, updated, etc. That is why many of us have profiles that say we joined in 2001 or something.
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    Let's see...what have I accomplished since I joined here years ago...

    First off I have made some good friends on here. I have met at least one of them (JON9000), and have talked to several on the phone, like Mabs, KH, and InsaneJediGirl. I have traded or bought things with several members. I have been in correspondence someway or another with alot of folks.

    Second of all I finally graduated college. It took several years, and a few different schools, but dammit I finished. It was the best feeling in the world, getting that college degree and knowing I had finally done it.

    In my own life, I was working as an insurance person at Duke Hospital when I signed on here. From that job I went to work for a home improvement firm in Raleigh, then to an optometrist's assistant, to an assistant manager in retail.

    Things got rough in between then and now. Let's just say it was a close call, and then when I returned to my senses I decided it was time to do more with my life. I began substitute teaching and then started school for my certification to become a full-time teacher.

    Now I am in my first full year of teaching civics and US History on the high school level. I am done with my certification, and in a couple of years I plan to start working on my master's degree. My goal is to teach at a community college or university sometime in the near future.
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    My proudest achievements:

    1) Met Rob Liefeld
    2) Appeared on Springer
    3) Walked on stage and farted in John McCain's face during the Republican debate
    4) Buried myself alive and set a new Guinness world record
    5) Committed bigamy
    6) Legally changed my name to Oliver Pantsoff
    7) Realized "Pantsoff" wasn't funny and changed last name to Klausopf
    8) Transplanted my brain into a chicken
    9) Moved to Zimbabwe and ruled with an iron fist for three years
    10) Wrote a bestselling book of candid interviews with dairy cows
    11) Fell into an alternate dimension where the dominant Star Trek site was SirTychosGuide
    12) Convinced Stan Lee to engage in a homosexual tryst during Comic Con '05, then bailed on him before he showed up
    13) Shot a moose
    14) Got a subscription to Woman's Day
    15) Invaded Albuquerque and overthrew their despotic tyrant
    16) Shot another moose
    17) Ate a Buick
    18) Co-starred opposite Sigourney Weaver and the rotting corpse of Charles Bronson in a remake of Hair
    19) Created my own line of hair care products for the bald
    20) Ordered exclusively from the "secret menu" at In-N-Out Burger
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    Hehehe. Some of these were really funny. I've known ElChuxter from this site longer than anyone here save for SirSteve.

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    My proudest achievements:

    8) Transplanted my brain into a chicken
    You too? Actually for me it was the Cadbury Easter Bunny, I only make chicken clucking noises.

    9) Moved to Zimbabwe and ruled with an iron fist for three years
    I got several e-mails from you during that time. Something about fleeing the country and needing my bank account numbers so you could deposit $150 billion dollars into my account and pay me a $1 million service fee? Sorry I never moved fast enough to help you out. I hope it all worked out and opposition forces didn't execute your 9 wives and 36 children.

    10) Wrote a bestselling book of candid interviews with dairy cows
    I quote from your work regularly when I'm in the shower. "Moooo!"

    11) Fell into an alternate dimension where the dominant Star Trek site was SirTychosGuide
    Oh, you remember that?

    I especially like my "Ferengi's Guide To Women" subpage feature.

    17) Ate a Buick
    Did it have that new car smell? I then could see how you'd be tempted. Sniffing Buicks is in good taste!

    19) Created my own line of hair care products for the bald
    So you invented Windex? Wow.
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    Smile Since I joined SSG what has changed for me.

    Took my wife to our first convention (Wizard World - Chicago) and met Boba Fret in his Tusken costume.

    Made some outstanding trades with people here. (Hooked up BF with a WM Exclusive (Luke / Han / swamp creature). & JMS for some figures, too

    Picked up the MR AT AT SE that I have loved ever since Ep V

    Took my older brother to Ep 2 like he did for me with Ep V. Took my nephews to Ep III and spoiled them with Star Wars toys from my collection.

    Became more confident in my writing skills to communicate better in forums and taken that experience to RS (where I have met some locals collectors and we have banded together and some of them even started the CheeseHead Garrison in SE Wisconsin).

    Learned to live life after better after feeling for life changes here (VT's sudden passing touched me deeply. Asking Tycho a Financial Advisor question and reading his life changing experiences that he has shared with all of us.)

    Built my first house with my wife and we went back to school together for a year until she got pregnant with our first child (born 04/08/2008 ..Daniel Gabriel) and we will celebrate 15 years married come June.
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    Wow. To Val Da Car and others - with thanks. Actually, with what's been going on with me, it's been easy to lose perspective and I spent a long time on the phone with BobaFrett, SirSteve and JediTricks today (much gratitude to each) trying to figure out what to do with terrible news concerning my health. I guess I'll get to that or start a new thread about it, dig up the old one, whatever. For the moment, this nostalgia trip has more appeal.

    So where was I with "Tycho's story," the next installment?

    Well I finally was elected to the land-use and planning body that helped to define policy in the area around San Diego State University, my alma matter. With my financial background and trust I established in the community by my volunteer service, I rose to be elected to the Executive Board of that body and the position of Treasurer.

    While finishing college, I'd worked for the campaigns of almost every member of our City Council and the Mayor, established a reputation as a professional, and set myself up in the political consulting business (a polite way of saying I was a lobbyist). But my experience and positioning mirrored the resumes of those elected, and thus I was establishing the pattern and experience for success with my own career.

    I was elected to the Park and Recreation board for which I even incorporated Star Wars into charitable fundraisers (remember we sold those life-size Wattos and Yodas?)

    I worked with the Police and City Attorney's Office with law enforcement being trained to serve as a counselor in the Community Court.

    I helped build our local area a brand new library.

    I logged hours assisting with services for the homeless through a church connection.

    I was a consultant on the redevelopment plan for our business district.

    I ran and completed a commercial property vacancy abatement program for our business district.

    - While most of these things and more served an ulterior motive of mine - to build up my own resume to get me elected - they were the kinds of social work projects (many done unpaid, as a volunteer) that I lent myself to the community for. They also included the unglamourous trash clean-ups, and the registering of voters, etc. which I also volunteered myself for - and often coordinated.

    I was very active as a giving volunteer in my community when my health had permitted it. I just didn't brag about it - I was saving that and the photographs of me at work - for my own "breakout election."

    I intended to run for City Council and serve San Diego for the maximum 8 years, and then use that to build up my resume to be elected mayor of a major city (San Diego is one of the largest municipalities in the United States.) As mayor of New York, Rudy Gulliani was a Presidential candidate - so you never know where I could take that. If I was "on track," I'd be mayor of San Diego while in my 40's. Then I might be able to take that a long way, being limited in the office of mayor to service until my early 50's. John Edwards is in his early 50's.

    As I said, I naively believed in a meritocracy - such that if my service and experience, plus a great track record in any lower offices held, warranted it - I'd gain the positions I sought. That might work, but I've learned that in the real world, it's how people cut deals and who they sell out to that makes a huge difference. It gave me much to think about. But I had not done anything dishonest or caved in to corruption yet.

    Incidentally, with having done all this work to prove I was a good person to the electorate while largely hiding my political affiliations to many, as even City Council is supposed to be non-partisan - not Republican or Democrat - in San Diego (hah!) I was terribly wounded by Karl Rove and his ilk who in 2004 decided that I (or my kind) was out to promote immorality by turning everybody gay and having those that weren't turned have abortions. Remember, it did come down to the Religious Right defining the election issues with God, Gays, and Guns. (I am pro-2nd Ammendment, btw).

    But as it went to my own detriment on these boards, I lashed out at "my own (supposed) kind" and analyzed people and exposed hypocrisy where I saw it, including NOT pandering to gay or Christian issues. The hypocrisy infuriated me, and as I noted in my conversation with JediTricks today, some people will still feel that I am the biggot, while my actual position is not against these groups, only to expose them for any hypocrisy, and make sure people know that I'm not toting a PC line just because I want to appear PC. In government, I went on the record opposing both Christian and Jewish groups seeking permission to erect and display articles of faith on public lands. I was accused of "attacking," too - but I won re-election.

    So let's just say it plainly - I'm not going to pander. And I never broke rules here on these boards to personally attack anyone - but "I'm not allowed" to be friends with some if I don't pander to their life-choices. It really is a choice between defending myself and my right to my own opinions and non-hate speech, and giving some others free reign to have at theirs, or standing up and being myself. Well, I wouldn't like being "friend-less," and I'd suffer for it, but I am not afraid of it.

    Anyway, in a nutshell, I graduated college, started a consulting business with my political connections (I did grant-writing in that role as well), got my licenses to sell stocks, bonds, mortgages, life-insurance, etc. and won elections to start off my political career, having volunteered or been paid to serve in many community aid positions with police, parks, social services, the library system, landuse and planning, environmental impact concerns, transportation planning, etc.

    Coming next in "Tycho's story:" my health concerns, fall into disability, and perhaps my relationships with women and family.
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    I have some "approaching" thesholds, which I suppose aren't true examples for this thread until they're officially crossed, but so what.

    - about to complete my sixth ( ) year as an English teacher, this year with a full load of six classes (that means no prep period). I took on our school's High School Exit Exam preparation course (for students who failed the HSEE at least once and need to pass it for graduation) and unless the student dropped the course or was absent for the exam, all of the kids passed. (I guess that's their threshold, but my own goal was to get every single one of them to get the minimum 350 score or better [one senior got exactly 350, but hey, it counts], so yippee me :selfprops: ). If I teach at least a half a year more, it will be the longest job I've ever held (would beat my 6 1/2 years as a newspaper carrier).

    - in a month, I'll make my final payment on my car, which makes buying and paying off two autos in the last 5 years (had an accident 3 years ago this 4/30 that totalled it, a month after paying the last installment ). I did not plan to do that; I like my transportation to last longer...

    - I intend to write a manuscript of the book that's been in my head almost 15 years, instead of my usual summer goal of reading 30 books (which I did for the first time last summer: 34 in fact, almost 10,000 pages : patshimselfonback: ).

    - continued my streak of being among the world's oldest confirmed/uncertain considering/but-no-way looking for nobody/perhaps bachelors.

    - maintain my distain, distaste, and lack of desire to own a cell phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobafrett View Post
    I have a son who I wouldn't trade for the world. Sometimes I want to kick him in the butt for his slacker attitude.
    For nothing? Not even for that rare carded missle-firing Boba Fett? Wow...
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    For nothing? Not even for that rare carded missle-firing Boba Fett? Wow...
    Nope. That's just plastic, and I can always break into the house that has one and steal it if I desire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    - continued my streak of being among the world's oldest confirmed/uncertain considering/but-no-way looking for nobody/perhaps bachelors.
    I used to belong to that club. Then one day, least expected, things changed.

    You've been warned..............
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!


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