Well, to continue things with my life story a little. Some more milestones:

I graduated college with my bachelor's degrees in economics, and political science. I minored in philosophy and concentrated on organizing ethics for logical consistency, pretty much useful for a post-graduate education involving the acquisition of my jurisdoctorate degree (but I did not become a lawyer or complete the degree as of yet).

But my education explains my hyper-need to stand against hypocrisy and the analyzing of everyone's motives and positions on just about anything, any time. It fits my personality. This also fits with my "False-this-or-that theories" and I place a higher value on rooting out the truths that no one wants to look at, over being politically correct or indulging in other's fantasies that they just be accepted at their word, for their spoken position, etc. I guess I'm that way because I'm angry that I'm not accepted (as a 30-something Star Wars fan who buys toys for 4-year-olds) and I don't like being part of this "denial club" where everyone wants to pretend they're "normal." Another truth is that no one's normal. There are just folks who are more dull than others. I'd say SW fans are more exciting and have "a life," but it is just different from others. Unfortunately, there are heroic oddities (like pro-atheletes) and ones that society brands shameful - like SW collectors. Steve Sansweet was never worshipped like Tom Brady. But we can admire Sansweet because we share an interest with him, yet it's stupid to pretend that he's going to ever be accepted as normal and celebrated like Brady. Our culture / society sucks. I'm not going to live in denial about that, but I'm not ready to "go Columbine" over it either. (Yet anyway)

I had some balance though. I trained for my black belt in martial arts and would still be doing that if not for my health concerns. But I practice what I learned.

I competed in amateur watercraft racing (riding SeaDoos) and won a couple of competitions.

I recently finished an entire 500 plus page novel and am pursuing a major publishing contract.

On the other hand, my father died as I was just getting out of high school, and I lost my mother the other year. An only child** I was the sole beneficiary of their estates. Financially, I'm doing alright because of this, however, my father died from the other inheritence I got from him: polycistic kidney disease. It's the inability for the body to break up proteins and get rid of their waste from the bloodstream.

It usually doesn't grab hold of you until adolescence or later, as my kidneys functioned at 100% until I was probably 13 or 14.

Now I face losing my ability to walk, as toxins in my blood corrode my nerves and muscles. It is probably forcing me into dialysis 3 times a week. I find out next month. That will be preferable to being forced into a wheelchair though.

A very brave and generous individual from this website may actually save me though, via his kidney donation, if everything works out. Everyone has 2 kidneys, but you can live with one. The San Diego Padres All-Star Relief Pitcher Trevor Hoffman has only 1 kidney (a birth defect actually), and he is a big time athlete. So having played baseball for 10 years myself, I plan on getting my transplant and then making the major league (actually, I'd just like to go a week with holding all my food down)

Anyway, with my kidneys not working right, my blood got thicker and the higher viscosity caused pressure to build up and resulted in the aneurysm that broke in my brain in the summer of 2005. Many of you recall my close brush with death. This condition is fatal 90% of the time - and it may happen to me again. I'd say becoming able to walk again, then drive, was a milestone, too. It took months to recover. Now I'm pretty good, but I can feel myself starting to decline again and my latest medical report was pretty bad as I only have 8% of my kidney function remaining (between both of them).

Without dialysis anyway, I will be either unable to walk or dead by the end of the summer. If I get my transplant in July or August, that may be averted. Dialysis might make me more comfortable during the short term.

To wrap it up, I have no family, and I've become so bitter so as to drive away many of my friends, I may not be worth saving and it might be time to end this.

If I live through it all, I know one goal is to obtain a large house to display all my Star Wars collection in like Rancho Obi-Wan (but diorama style). I also want JediMasterSal to come visit me and help me set some of it up!

I want to be published and continue to write, and see my novels made into movies. Perhaps with time, my anger will subside and I'll behave differently from the bitter person I've become?

I've been around SSG since almost its beginning and I've changed a lot. But I think everyone can change again and again.