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    Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Review

    We certainly have seen a number of Luke's this year. For the most part, I've been disappointed in the farm boy. See what I think of the Jabba's Palace version of the new Jedi Knight....


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    Yeah, this is one of those figures that I had no problem skipping. How many versions of this one idea do we really need? Luke Jedi, Luke holo Jedi, Luke Jedi w/ bone. What's next... Luke Jedi with super Jedi dragster?

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    The soft goods here make no sense. Why when you can get this same figure just last year in Endor gear?
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    That's right, I forgot about Jedi Luke in Poncho...

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    I passed on the poncho Luke. The only good thing about the soft goods is that this Luke can at least sit down, unlike a number of figures this year. I don't know why that bothers me so much, but it just does.

    The sad thing is if they come out with a Death Star 2 Luke, I know I'll buy it. I have two of the Saga ones on cards still, but that over the head pose sucks. (I have one error and one correct.) I acutally think the shape of the shoulder and size of would make a good DS2 Luke. Reminds me a bit of him hand cuffed in the elevator. Now with a better head, legs, arms....

    I was going to pass on this one, and my wife added it to the cart saying, "you need to review mediocre and bad stuff not just the stuff you like." It scares me how supportive she is some times. I even heard her use "MOC" the other day.

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    coupled with eyes that seem to painted
    Just figured I'd point out that you seem to be missing a "be" in that phrase- fine review of a mediocre figure

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    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Thanks! I'm an engineer by profession and my math skills are way more developed than the english ones. Mrs. 'nerd wasn't available to proof that one for me.

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    I didn't realize until just now that the 1996 Jedi Luke also has the dickie-thing going on. I checked the movie today and it's actually accurate (contrary to what I thought), so the 2004 vest/tunic one is wrong.

    Overall I like this figure, but would've rather had a DSII one (as we all have said).
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    Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis? '96 Tan Vest Luke has a VEST on, that was the whole controversy in that variation, the VEST was this weird and inaccurate color in the first run.

    Anyway, I've seen the costume in person on display, it's definitely a vest and not that ridiculous smock Hasbro put him in this time around. Here's a shot of it as a vest:
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    JT, I saw the vest too....the smock confuses me.

    The whole figure is a big dissapointment, so I'll pass. Why make the smock removable if he can't wear the glove? That's what really makes me wonder.....This figure would make more sense without the bone and with a black glove for a Death Star II Luke.

    Will Hasbro ever make a Luke head that isn't modeled off of a gargoyle?
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