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    Questions from a "N00b."

    I've been a Star Wars admirer since 1977, and an everyday lurker at these forums for years. Now, I've finally decided to sign up so that I could ask some questions...

    Ok, so the situation is: I'm not a mega collector. I pick up SW figures that I like, and I open them. I probably have about 500 altogether (including vintage). Between my other action figure collections, I never had the room for vehicles, so I've managed to limit myself to buying only titanium vehicles and Star Wars Transformers...Until last night...I picked up the Saga Collection Obi Wan's Jedi Starfighter, and, well...I'm hooked. It's really a beautiful peice I'll be going back to pick up some other vehicles tonight.

    So , I have two questions I was hoping you could answer regarding the Saga Collection vehicles...

    1. How dark is the "glass" or "transparasteel" in the canopy of Darth Vader's Sith Starfighter? Is it light enough to see the figure inside? Or is it nearly opaque like the Titanium version?

    2. The astromech "droids" that come with the Jedi Starfighters are laughable. Fortunately, they come out, and real astromech figures can be placed inside. It doesn't bother me that only about half the figure fits in. However, I only have three astromech figures. I have R2D2 (obviously), along with Darth Vader's Gray Astromech, and the Red Astromech Droid that came with the Naboo Royal Starship. I was hoping you guys could tell me what astromechs fit best in the Jedi Starfighters, so that I can pick up some more. Out of my three, the Gray vader droid seems to fit the best.

    Thanks in advance for your replies!!!
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    Welcome to SSG, Darth Nihlus!

    1. If I remember correctly, one can make out the figure through the canopy of Vader's fighter, but only upon close inspection. (Mine is in storage at present.)

    2. In my experience, NONE of the astromechs released by Hasbro fit well into the droid slots. Others have cut off the "feet" to help the fit, but I have not tried that myself.

    I, too, like all the Starfighters very much, with the problem of the droid slot being their only real drawback.

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    Welcome aboard!

    BTW, the preferred spelling is "n00b." I don't know why. Ask Slicker. Maybe he'll get back to you when he gets back from Japan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Welcome aboard!

    BTW, the preferred spelling is "n00b." I don't know why. Ask Slicker. Maybe he'll get back to you when he gets back from Japan.

    and welcome
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