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    Exclamation New Have/Need List


    GC Emperor Col #1 .00
    GC Emperor Col #3 .00
    GC Leia (Original) 3-Ring Belt .01
    OC Leia 3-Ring Belt .00
    OC Leia 2-Ring Belt .00
    OC Hammerhead .00
    GC Hammerhead .01
    Figrin D'an Still in White Box
    OC Stormtrooper
    Flashback Luke .00
    OC Chewbacca
    OC C-3P0
    OC BobaFett Full Circles .01
    OC BobaFett Half Circles .01
    Loose/Incomplete Boba Fett Half Circles
    OC Lando Dark Cape Lining
    OC Lando Light Cape Lining
    OC Jedi Luke Black Vest
    OC Jedi Luke Tan Vest
    OC Obi-Wan HS LS .00
    OC Obi-Wan FS LS .01
    OC Obi-Wan SS .01
    FF Obi-Wan .04
    OC R2-D2
    OC Luke X-Wing LS .01
    OC Luke X-Wing SS .01
    OC Luke-Original LS .00
    OC Luke-Original SS .00
    OC Yoda
    OC Vader LS
    OC Vader SS
    GC Vader
    OC Greedo .00
    GC Greedo .01
    OC Han Hoth Open Hand .00
    OC Han Hoth Closed Hand .00
    OC Carbonite Han 'Carbon Block' .00
    OC Carbonite Han 'Carbon Freezing' .00
    FF Carbonite Han .05
    OC Luke Dagobah LS
    OC Luke Dagobah SS
    GC Sandtrooper .01
    OC Han Original
    FF Han Original
    OC Death Star Gunner
    GC Death Star Gunner
    E1 Anakin Pilot .0000
    GC Lando Skiff .00
    FF Lando Skiff .02
    GC Slave Leia .00
    FF Slave Leia .02
    GC Han Endor .00
    FF Han Endor .02
    GC Han Bespin .00
    FF Han Bespin .02
    GC Hoth Rebel .00
    FF Hoth Rebel .03
    E1 Anakin Tatoonie .00
    E1 Adi Gallia .0000
    E1 Battle Droid .0200
    E1 R2-D2 .0000
    Senator Palpatine .0100
    SOTE Chewie
    SOTE Luke
    SOTE Xizor
    SOTE Leia as Bouush
    E1 Darth Maul Jedi Duel .0000
    E1 Darth Sidious .00
    E1 Darth Sidious .0100
    E1 Amidala (Naboo) .0000
    E1 Amidala (Naboo) .0100
    POTJ Sebulba .0100
    POTJ Gungan Warrior .0000
    POTJ Gungan Warrior .0100
    POTJ Chewie Mechanic .0300
    POTJ Chewie Mechanic .0400
    12 INCH: Luke Skywalker (1996) Yellow Hair, Binoculars on Belt, Dark Blue Insert
    12 INCH: Han Solo (1996) Painted Pouch, Light Blue Insert, Gold Foil Logo



    EU Dark Trooper
    EU Mara Jade
    EU Kyle Katarn
    EU Spacetrooper
    FF Leia Hoth
    FF Death Star Droid
    FF Ree Yees
    FF Death Star Trooper
    FF AT-AT Driver
    FF Vader Removeable Helmet

    Lesser Priority

    POTJ Scout Trooper
    POTJ Han Bespin Capture
    POTJ IG-88
    POTJ K-3P)
    E1 Destroyer Droid
    E1 Captain Panaka
    E1 Darth Sidious Holograph
    E1 Queen Amidala Coruscant
    POTF Admiral Ackbar
    POTF EV-9D9
    POTF Gamorrean Guard
    POTF Nein Nunb

    Please just e-mail me if you are interested in anything:
    I don't check the forums as much as I'd like.



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    Smile Trades

    I have some holo sidious tri logo and a spacetrooper with a slight dent on the bubble.


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