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    Sideshow to make 3 3/4 Playsets?

    While browsing all the various SW websites, I came across this in the Q&A from Galactic Hunter. Interesting scenario if it does indeed come true

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    I seen that as well, i think its great news as long as the price isn't to sticky, i can say i hope they lean toward the OT for right now, and do the prequels after seeing whether or not this formula works out for both side show, and hasbro. Though i do have to admit i seen this coming when hasbro said they couldnt move playsets, and gave sideshow rights to do the 12 inch scale figures. If i have to chose a few playsets, i gotta admit, a Death Star would be great, but i would hate to see the price of such a piece, and would probably skip it if went over 100 bucks... A bespin playset would also be very cool, as would a hoth command center/echo base playset, one of my wish list items that i thought i would never see.

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    Depending on how much these cost, I'd be very interested. What scenes do you think they might make? I'd say: the cantina, maybe Ben's place on tatooine, the carbon freezing chamber, possibly the big walkway Luke and Vader fight on, Jabbas throne room, the emperors throne room. Maybe a few others, but they'd have to be iconic sets (falcon cockpit maybe?)

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    I'm hoping Sideshow can pull this off. I also hope however that they avoid using high-end materials as they usually do, just stick to ABS and PVC, help keep the costs down and deliver a good product rather than a "masterpiece" like the Attakus stuff which is perfect but totally unaffordable.
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    I am with you guys also. I hope they arent too pricy and limited either. 1000 of each wont cut it for the collectors out there.

    I would love to see a Cantina, Bespin, Hoth, Dagobah, Endor, Tatooine.
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    Theed Palace
    Trade Federation Ship Interior
    Otah Gunga
    Galactic Senate
    Pod Race Arena
    Pod Race Hanger
    Anakin's slave hovel
    Jedi Temple / High Council Chambers
    Club Outlander
    Dexter's Diner
    Padme's Apartment
    Supreme Chancellor's Office
    Kamino Cloning Facility
    Clone Trooper Quartermaster's
    Jango Fett's apartment
    Slave-One's landing platform
    Lars' Homestead
    Geonosian Droid Foundry
    Geonosian Execution Arena
    Invisible Hand Bridge Set
    Invisible Hand Observation Tower Room
    Mustafar Control Room
    Mustafar mining platforms
    Polis Masan medical lab
    Palpatine's private medical facility for Darth Vader
    Utopau landing zone
    Death Star
    Yavin Base
    Mos Eisley Cantina
    Millennium Falcon interiors (like Attikus' -only affordable)
    Echo Base trenches
    Echo Base Sickbay
    Echo Base hanger
    Star Destroyer Bridge
    Cloud City Dinning Room
    Cloud City Freezing Chamber
    Cloud City Climate Control Room, Gantry
    Yoda's swamp / hut / tree cave
    Jabba's Throne Room
    Rancor Pit
    Pit of Carkoon
    Ewok Village
    Endor Shield Bunker and Landing Platform
    Home One Bridge
    Home One Conference Room
    Home One Docking Bay
    Emperor's Throne Room
    Death Star II Docking Bay

    Anything else I forgot that would be totally cool as well!
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    cantina and jabba's palace would do it for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    Anything else I forgot that would be totally cool as well!
    Ah... yeah, I can't believe you didn't mention Jabba's Sailbarge.
    Though technically a vehicle, Zizzle calls the Black Pearl a "playset", so in my book the Sailbarge is a playset. Yeah that's it we'll call it a playset. For now.

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    While it sounds cool, how incredibly pathetic is it that one of the two biggest toy companies in the world can't pull off large figures or playsets, and has to contract them out?

    And why the hell won't they subcontract the damned Unleashed line? I want a ****ing Qui-Gon, you dillweeds!
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    We'll see how this pans out. Even if they were just non-moving scenery pieces that would be totally awesome. I wouldn't want a retread of too much existing stuff, though (we already have the cantina bar).
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