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    V-19 Torrent Fighter and Homing Spider Droid rumored for 2008?

    as always nothing is confirmed until you have the item in hand yourself.

    but my info. is 99.9% on the money.

    check my older threads etc......

    I was given two names of the second 08 vehicle asst.

    I will reveal one and hint at the other because im not 100% sure which one it is.

    second wave of ships for 08 will include:

    clone wars v-19
    the seperatist army will be getting a new droid. I did not post what was told to me because I think the name was wrong.

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    If it comes from the Rebelscum forums, then it absolutely must be true.
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    Wow, I thought we'd have 5 repaints of the V-wing before we got a new fighter. I hope you're right about these.

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    Pants. pants pants pants.

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    It's now posted in Rebelscum's news with some new Comic 2-Pack News.

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    V 19

    I am soooooo In for few

    The image below is copyright of the original holder....

    Not me..
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    That's a cool ship. I'd buy a couple of those.

    It looks as if Hasbro is getting back in the game: vehicles made the line really successful for Kenner back in the day. Now, finally, Hasbro is getting a clue.

    We've had some great non-movie year vehicles

    - the Sith Infiltrator (well, not so great - but a new mold nevertheless)
    - the V-wing
    - the AT-TP
    - Grievous' starfighter
    - the V-19 Torrent starfighter
    - the Homing Spider Droid

    all's pretty good. I'd like to see this trend continue!
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    I would buy the V-19. The homing Spider would need to be taller than the Hailfire for me to consider it.
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    The V-19 is cool. Rather have a AT-TE....but that's just me.
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    But, dude . . . another Xizor?
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