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    Could you walk away from this line tomorrow?

    This isn't one of those "the line is ending in 3 weeks" questions, but whether you feel like you could realistically see yourself just stop collecting altogether right now. I see a lot of collectors complain that the line is going on too long and they can't wait for it to end so they can cool out - it always makes me wonder, "then why are they sticking around?" Are you trying to have it all, and if so, would that keep you from leaving until Hasbro kicked you out?

    The past few months of nothingness from Hasbro has pushed me to the brink, not quite as bad as Saga '03 where new figures didn't get findable from January until July, but darn close especially with so few figures I feel are necessary actually coming down the pike. This hobby doesn't feel as rewarding when it gets as frustrating as Hasbro's made it with supply issues AND Saga Legends junk clogging the pegs at the same time.

    So I ask myself, could I walk away from it all? I'm not sure I could, I'm waiting to get the next round of vehicles, and I'd love to have the complete McQuarrie collection since it's something I've always looked forward to - though that seems almost hopeless now with McQuarrie Vader and Starkiller Hero being so difficult at this point to even hear rumors about. I suspect though that come the Grievous Starfighter, I could walk away and not look back, and that's a bad thing.
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    Part of me would love to keep collecting stuff. Imperials and rebels and senators. but for varying reasons i've had to scale down to just the cantina and Jabba's palace. effectively that means I'm buying so little now it's almost the same as having walked away. It's kind of like waiting a year til everything is out and then picking up only the cream of the crop.
    I guess that's why I've also stopped badgering for new product. besides those two settings I collect for there's nothing i want. besides, I've graduated to larger figures where the cost is the same but you get twice as much figure for your money.

    when it comes down to brass tacks, the cost is the prohibitive factor with star wars. for me at least. I also think the legends line is a dead horse. Should go back to the single fan's choice figure. do two a year. leave it at that. if they see a need to bundle an older figure into case assortments due to reports of scarcity then fine. just not half the entire line being dumped back in again. less product per annum, better quality.

    if they weren't wasting money throwing all the junk back onto the shelves and instead concentrated on producing a range of figures at the level of the vintage stuff, fewer figures, better quality. if the line was going to end I'd rather it be on a quiet high note than a very loud low one with a ton of garbage cluttering the shelves for aeons to come.

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    the more and more time that goes on and the more things change with me current status, I have started to pull back from collecting alot already. While I would hate to stop altogether, I might be looking to phase myself out slowly and perhaps all together soon. I've stopped buying repacks of figures that I already have to get something small, like a holo yoda, or obi wan's cloak, or a coin. I mean I really wish that Hasbro would simply listen to us and put some of these things in battlepacks or accessory packs.
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    I have already quit cold turkey regarding vehicles. The TRU exclusive Y-Wing was the last one I bought or will buy; there is simply nothing else I want vehicle-wise, even the Greivous Starfighter. I passed on all the vehicles I saw at retail this summer, including the vaunted V-Wing.

    Figures are more difficult to pass on than vehicles. New, superior sculpts of older characters, like the upcoming 4-LOM, are almost irresistable to me; but those are few and far between these days. Sometimes I buy a figure out of sheer boredom -- I bought a TAC Jawa last week for that very reason, before I found Wave 5 leftovers on the pegs later in the week. But I no longer collect MOC figures, save the McQuarries, and I no longer army-build.

    I guess as long as there are quality figures available, I'll buy 'em, just in progressively smaller quantities. I'm running out of both shelf space and cash.

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    Hmm, I take it a couple of my recent posts are part of what spurred this topic on.

    I know I've made my point pretty clear that I plan on a dramatic draw down in the budget for SW stuff.

    A quick reiteration:
    2007-once the year is over, I'll tabulate how much I spent.
    2008-based on the 2007 dollars spent on SW, I will HALVE this to creat my budget for 2008
    2009-Halving again the budget so that 2009's budget is 25% of what 2007 was
    2010 and on-cutting the budget down to no more than 10% of what 2007's budget was.

    I fully expect that the line will die off if not by then, not much after. Now to interpret what I mean by dying. Not neccessarily an outright pull of all SW toys from the shelves though that's entirely possible, but certain at the least a point in which there is so very little TRULY new stuff made that collectors lose interest in the line as a whole and as we know, kids attentions won't last that long but for rare exceptions. Those possible realities will lead to a dramatic decline in sales and will lead to the eventual pulling of the line. I do not at all expect the line to last until 2018, the year in which Hasbro's contract with LFL is up.

    My budget scheme should work for me as I don't expect to spend anywhere near as much as 2007. The movies are over, most of the figures are done from them. Certainly no army builders with two exceptions that we know are coming out then (SA 501st and corrected Kashyyyk trooper). The Force Unleashed will see me only getting one of each main figure and no more than one squad's worth of each type trooper (to me a squad is 5 figs).

    The Cartoon show will follow these same rules for the most part, again not seeing how I could be sucked into building up huge armies. If the troopers seen in the cartoon are the same from the movies then I won't need any more as I have enough now (or will by the time the show airs) and if the troopers are a new paint scheme then I'll hold to the squad size as stated above.

    The live action TV show will be much like the examples above and probably even less so depending on what direction the show takes and the amoung of troops it has in it and if they are the same as movie troops. And for the first time I'm seriously considering not even collecting the toy line for the live action show. They are going to have to WOW me. Not just in costume design, but character development. If I'm not endeared to those characters, I'm not going to want to buy their figures. That was a problem for many collectors regarding the prequels. My opinions are just now catching up to theirs in that respect.

    The only other thing I collect a lot of besides Hasbro SW toys are GG mini busts. If the mini bust line dies to be replaced by the new sized line, I can easily say I'll quit collecting GG stuff. I see no need to REcollect the same characters all over again and I won't feel a loss for those characters that didn't yet make it to the mini bust line before that line would be pulled. I'd just count myself lucky to have got what I got and be happy with it.

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    My interest in SW toys ebbs and flows. When I see the pegs just crammed full of Legends, I get bummed out and later mad. Like a hunter who goes out looking for food and comes up dry for weeks on end, it will really take the wind out of you're sails.
    When I find the complete Wave 5 all in one store (I pity the poor saps behind me) my faith is almost restored because of how excellent this wave is.

    I haven't bought any vehicles since the Infiltrator. I'm not getting suckered into the latest TRU repaints.

    I'm hoping Clone Wars gives us a resurgence of cool figures and vehicles.

    I still debate whether I want to quit this hobby, but have decided to at least thin it out of repeats and stored older figures in the garage first. Then decide.

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    I had been on the road for work for quite some time in the last year so I started just ordering cases from Entertainment Earth. I also had a lot of help keeping up with Crunchy Nugget. But the store search thing wasn't available to me then and now that I'm back, I'm finding that things haven't changed much. I do about 98% of my Star Wars figure/vehicle shopping entirely online now, mostly through EE and HasbroToyShop. It's like ordering a pizza. I see it, I order it, and the mailman drops it off.

    But to the question, how long? As long as they keep doing it I guess. The kids are having fun filling in the coin book, so I like finding the new ones.

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    I think I could walk away and be pretty happy. Over my 10 years of hard core collecting my attitudes are changing. I am getting rid of my "armies" and focusing more on one of each figure. And my "fleets" of vehicles are going to one of each. With companies like Neca putting out great stuff, my eyes are wandering a little bit. I am still having a good time with Star Wars but in the end how many Darth Vader's does a boy need?
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    Yes, yes i could. Why do i say that so easily, because i already walked away from star wars collecting once in my life already. When i had bills mounting, and a lot of personal problems mounting up bigger than the bills, star wars was an unfortunate cassualty in my life. It wasn't hasbro's faught, i didnt leave because i couldn't find anything, i just left without reason, reguards or remourse. Though when ROTS came out i had my life back on track, and i was ready to enjoy something so simple and so rewarding from my childhood again, being star wars. And i didn't have the money to get everything i wanted from ROTS, but i did manage to get alot of it, though Saga 2 was a hard sell because i couldn't find alot of it, though online shopping helped out with that as well.

    Though with my past being that in the past, i hope SW collecting sticks around in one capacity or the other, though i dont see this line just fading away in the darkness like it did after POTF1 in the 80's, but i do see some warning signs from the community as a whole that could mean it's invitable demise sometime in the near future, and whats sad it's the distrubution of the line and not the quality of the line thats hurting it.

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    Sh*t, I walked away from collecting in '98 and never looked back.
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