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    Does anyone watch wrestling?

    I was wondering how many of you here watch wrestling? I haven't watched since my freshman year in college when it was a dorm floor event each Monday Night Raw. But tonight watching WWF's Monday night show, and I'm sad to say, but this is some of the best writing in TV today. I don't plan on becoming a regular watcher, but its amazing so many people avidly follow this stuff every week. I'm sure most know its "fake," but they still love it.

    What ever happened to the WCW? They don't have a monday night show anymore?
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    WWF purchased WCW. My wife and I both enjoy it most every week. It is a safe bet that most (allowing for the occasional foul up) if not all outcomes are predetermined.......kinda like the rest of the crap on television, but if you can move beyond that you might begin to appreciate the plot, characters, and athleticism present in professional wrestling. Glad that you enjoyed it Wolfwood. There is nothing to be sad about
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    In college, some friends got every PPV free in the complex they lived in, so we got together about every other week to watch. So I kept up with the Monday shows too.

    I currently don't really follow it, but I tuned in recently to see my favorite wrestler, Scott Hall I guess I'm just not interested too much anymore. No specific reason really . . .

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    ive never really liked wrestling, ever since i learned it was fake long ago...
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    Wow, so the WWF owns the WCW. Do they have WCW shows anymore, or did they just cancel all of them? I did notice that the nwo and some other big wcw stars are now with the WWF.

    So does anyone compete with the WWF now? Buying out your competitors, isn't that sort of like a business participating in monopolistic business practices?
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    No they don't have any competition currently, but IMO (in this situation) this is a good thing. The other wrestling shows simply could not produce adequate product. The talent pool is being put to better employment under WWF management.
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    I "met" Dale The Demon Torborg at a Kissfest last fall in Chicago, he was promoting a new venture . . . XWF ? How's that been doing? I've not heard anything about it . . .

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    I watch RAW and SmackDown! every week. I have been a wrestling fan all my life, just like with Star Wars.
    My favorite wrestler is HHH. I have been following him ever since he was in WCW. I am so glad he is finally back, but I must admit I would rather him be a "heel" (bad guy) than a good guy.
    Last night he successfully defended his undisputed championship against Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon.
    But WCW and ECW are things of the past, since Vince bought out both companies. Now there is no rival company in the wrestling business.
    However several WCW stars have been signed, like the nWo, Booker T, Hogan, etc.
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    I watch every week and love it. I like HHH to. I have even got my wife to watch it and she would kill me if she knew I told anybody. What she doesn't know won't hurt me.
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    Hey Obi Don, do you remember when HHH debuted in the WWF?
    He was the Greenwich Snob then. Alot different from now. He was the first person to have Sable as a valet.
    "You know I love the guy but I swear he writes like freaking Yoda."-Dean Winchester
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