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Thread: SSG Glossary

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    SSG Glossary

    How many abbreviations have we established as standard in the Forums to make our lives easier?

    For example:



    HTF -- copyright JediTricks--

    Help me out! I'm sure there's many more!



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    Well there's the new:

    AOTC (Attack of the Clones)
    unless your feeling really lazy and just want to use AC

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    down in mm(micro machine) land....

    we got;


    mm - micro machines
    af - action fleet
    dc - die cast
    st mm - star trek micro machines
    kbop - klingon bird of prey
    b5 - babylon 5


    imho - in my humble opinion
    np - now playing
    btw - by the way

    toy stores (as well as on line stores0

    tru - toys r us
    kb - kay bee
    dns - d & s toys
    ee - entertainment earth

    i'm sure there are more, but these are what come to mind for now

    btw good thread, long time users may feel that abbreviated anacronyms are staright forward and obvious, but i for one, found that it took a little time getting used to them.
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    SSG -

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    Along with LOL (laughing out loud) I developed GOF (gaffawing out loud) for really funny stuff.

    WM = Wal*Mart
    FAO = FAO Schwarz (sp?)

    POTF = Power of the Force (Kenner)
    POTF2 = Power of the Force 2 (Hasbro)
    POTJ = Power of the Jedi
    SOTE = Shadows of the Jedi
    LS = Long saber (early POTF2 figures)
    SS = Short saber
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    SSG users

    MC - Mandalorian Candidat
    JT - Jedi Tricks
    QLD - Quite-Long Dong (or is it Quite Long-Dong?)
    BCJ - Bel-Cam Jos
    RT - Rollo Tomassi
    GSJ - good shot jansen
    EP - Eternal Padawan
    GNT - GNT
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    MC, that was a good idea. I think Quite Long Dong has no hyphen at all after the Forums change-over.

    You could add:
    EC(or just Chuxter): El Chuxter
    DC: Darth Cruel
    EH: Emperor Howdy
    DMGME1: DarthMaulgotmauledEpisode1
    KVT: Ki Valley Tiger

    And other slip my mind.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Originally posted by Mandalorian Candidat
    GNT - GNT
    Me and Xir remain the same

    Here are some

    GOL = Gonk Out Loud
    IHY = I Hate You
    TRUS= Toys R Us Su**s
    GL = George Lucas
    WHYRM = We Hate You Rick
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